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Welcome to Rediffmail Plus & Rediffmail Mobile Customer Care
Top 5 Questions Asked
"I have paid. Why is my account not activated as yet?"
"Whenever I try to send any mail through my Outlook Express I get an error message"
"Recently I have logged on to my Rediffmail Mobile email id through my mobile phone. I wanted some information regarding how to read mails on the mobile."
"I have renewed my Rediffmail Mobile account and opted for a cheque pickup, but nobody has come as yet to collect the cheque."
Sing-up and activation of account
"I have chosen to pay by cheque and I do not know where the cheque is to be deposited and in whose name?"
I have paid. Why is my account not activated as yet?
"We sent you a cheque to increase our account size. You increased the space as required to 10 mb. But now account size again shows 5 mb."
Renewal of account
"How do I renew my Rediffmail Mobile account?"
"How much I would have to pay for renewal?"
"I don't intend to renew my Rediffmail Mobile account. Will I still be able to access my mail ?"
"If we decide to renew, will our unused SMS carry over?"
Buying More SMS
"I want to buy more SMS. Please tell me the process."
"What are the charges if I want to buy more SMS?"
Using Rediffmail Mobile
"What are the features offered by Rediffmail Mobile?"
"Is there any way of knowing if the SMS sent through Rediffmail Mobile has been delivered?"
"Please tell me how to get email alerts on my mobile."
I have problems using Rediffmail Mobile / Rediffmail Plus
"I am not able to access mail through Outlook Express"
"I am not able to receive any mails."
"I am unable to send mail from this email account . The mails always bounce back."
"Why has the site become so slow?"
"I am not getting email alerts on my mobile phone"
"I am having problems in attatching a file with mails."
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