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Argentina Fan Beer and blues for Argentina
Prem Panicker captures the mood of Argentine fans in a New York bar

England fan Britons... and baying for blood
Chindu Sreedharan recounts his time spent watching the England-Argentina match

Portugal taking nothing for granted
Maradona's Portugal, newly arrived in South Korea and looking to improve on a third place way back in 1966.

England match not special: Batistuta
"Today (that match) is not special. If we lose on Sunday it will become so,".

Cup mania hits China, but not in northwest
Many olive-skinned Uighurs barely speak Chinese and live in communities set distinctly apart from their Han counterparts

Senegal win adds spice to world game
At a time when it appears increasingly difficult for less glamorous sides to make an impact, the West African nation produced one of the biggest upsets in World Cup history.

When the French fizzled out
Prem Panicker, in a New York bar, watched Senegal shock the defending champions.

Diego's strike is goal of the century
Maradona's dribble from the halfway line in 1986 beat stiff competition from Michael Owen and Pele.

Japan slow to generate Cup fever
Visitors arriving at Japan's main airport are greeted by the usual immigration signs but hardly any posters for the W'Cup.

Never mind the ball, spot the haircut
It is amazing the fuss that 22 grown men running around after a leather ball can generate.

Figo leads Portuguese hopes
Portugal's coach has a very interesting motto: "Stop being the best and come first instead".

Nigeria face uphill battle at World Cup
Nigeria's role as African soccer's superpower has been usurped and the giant country, with a population of more than 100 million, faces the potential of further reversals at the World Cup finals.

World Cup glory a distant dream for India
Thousands of fans in the soccer-mad city of Calcutta lived a World Cup dream for a few hours recently, though they knew it might never come true.

Beautiful game ready to take centre stage
Football is the game the world plays, a sport so easy to understand and simple to play and yet so hard to perfect.

Crunching tackles replace Brazilian skill
The unique skills of players such as Pele, Garrincha, Leonidas, Rivelino, Zico and Socrates have been replaced by the bone-crunching tackles of a new breed of midfield aggressors.

China happy just to get to finals
By qualifying for their first ever finals, China broke a 44-year jinx and took another giant leap in their quest for acceptance as a world sporting power.

Sky's the limit for Eriksson's young lions
One night of fantasy football in Munich has shown Sven-Goran Eriksson's England that anything is possible at the World Cup this summer.

France must answer case for the defence
The World Cup could mark the end of one era and the start of another for an ageing France side.

Sweden are in finals for 10th time
Sweden conceded a mere three goals and remained unbeaten as they made their way into the World Cup finals.

Defining moment for Beckham
A brief moment of madness, an act of petulance instantly regretted, proved a defining moment for David Beckham.


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