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   00 May, 2002 | 0000 IST


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Who will win the World Cup? Why?

Name: santanu nag
Message: Brazil shall win the World Cup, they have the most creative midfielder in Ronaldinho and lethal scorers in Rolando and Rivaldo. They have tightened up their defence, also anybody can score,and they have a strong bench. That makes them sure of lifting the world cup for a record breaking fifth time.

Name: Kiran
Message: Germany will WIN! 1. 1st final after 12 years 2. Voeller has a balanced team under him 3. Brazil crumbles under pressure (eg. Turkey match) 4. Match might stretch to 120 mins - German stamina is key! 5. Brazil heady with star power

Name: K. Balasubramanian
Message: in my view, the Brazilians are the favourite to win the prestigious world cup for the fifth time. There are many causes to their support...they did get all the matches win in this tournament, they are gaining confidence with every match. The R's prove to be worlds best players so far in this tournaments. The strikers doing their job better as well as the mid fielders and defenders. They will win the match at least with the margin of 2 goals.

Name: Emmanuel Jackson
Message: The Korea-Japan World Cup organisers are the Ultimate winners of this world cup. All those who've visited the world cup, which saw more comfort and less hooliganism, are praising their hospitality.

Name: Rohith
Message: Germany will win the World Cup. Because the German skipper Oliver Kahn, Miroslav Klose, Oliver Neuville,are the strong players in the team. They will beat Brazil in final. Germans are the power players. They are mentally very strong than Brazilians.

Name: Amit Sachdeva
Message: Sometimes I have the benefit of intuitions, you can call it a sixth sense and more or less for about 85% it is true. It comes spontaneously, so my sixth sense says that Germany will take the championship this time, although my favourite is Brazil. Both nations will play a good game but in the end someone it will go in favor of Germany Cheers!!

Name: Sudeepta Chakraborty
Message: This world cup has really been an event of shocks and surprises. The progress of Germany and Brazil , both has been surprising considering their pre-tournament performances. Both teams fared well to reach this far but I think Brazil certainly has an edge over Germany in that they better playmakers and a very rich forward line. Matches, after all, are won by the number of goals a team scores. Germany, on the other hand, will be missing Ballack, their chief playmaker, while Brazil will be boosted by the return of Ronaldinho. So my bet is surely on Brazil to win their 5-th Cup.

Name: Anoop Mitra
Message: The World Cup in Asia, has been the biggest sucess ever seen in the history of football. I laud Fifa for organising the cup in Asia. The support that Asia has given to all sides is wonderful and will be helpful in bring soccer more closer to Asian homes. Asia's World Cup, has been the first where we have no major incidents and people have been organised and disciplined in the matches. And Asian Football has been entertaining too. So guys from the European and South American clubs need to learn the discipline of Asians and the latter in turn need to learn the guile and effectives of the world football. A great cup and a even more great conduct by Asian fans ensured the best world cup seen in the history. As for the winner, my money is on Germany, because they have the best defense and of course the World's best goalkeeper who has the capability to keep out Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo. Plus Germany have a decent attack force with Klose leading the pack. Brazil's defence though effective is not as good as the attack, so the Germans have a lot of opportunity for success.

Name: Ashok Balasubramanian
Message: What a fitting FINALE. The two biggest Names in soccer history will grace the majestic ground of Yokohoma city.I personally hope its a really exciting game. I think Brazil ultimately will winning. My reasons. 1)Brazils attacking prowess is slightly better than the Germans impregnable defence 2)History is on Brazils side. No European country has won the world cup outside Europe. Moreover a European country won it last time , so the trend favours a South American nation.

Name: S.Ramamoorthy
Message: Brazil will win the World CUP because * They manage crisis well * they value team spirit *Every player is on same spirit * They are technically better * They keep changing the play routine and system of pass depending on the opponents move When they do the impossible we say it is luck. Their luck comes from the chances they create through their skill and co-operation. All the best for Brazil.

Name: Ajay Rai
Message: Brazil of course without any doubt is going to win the World Cup as it has got the match winners like Ri-Ro, Roberto Carlos to name a few. Besides Germany do not have their best team as we see them in other world cups except Oliver Kahn who indeed is a world class goalie in his own right. If i am to put an amount of 50 on betting i would put 49 for Brazil and the rest 1 for Germany as Brazil is simply 2 good for Germany.

Name: Sandeep
Message: Brazil Logic ==== Brazil last won the world cup in 1994. Before that they won it in 1970. Add 1970 and 1994, it equals to 3964 Argentina last won the world cup in 1986. Before that they won it in 1978. Add 1978 and 1986, it equals to 3964. Germany last won in 1990. Before that they won in 1974. Add 1990 and 1974, it equals to 3964. So, going by this logic, the winner of the 2002 world cup is the same as the 3964 - 2002 = 1962 world cup. The 1962 world cup was won by Brazil.

Name: Amit Bhutani
Message: Ballack being out with 2 yellow cards....his absence will be greatly missed by his fellow German players....Hamann, Klose and Neuville will now have to fill that BIG void.....Ballack single handedly carried the Germans past USA (QF) and then Korea(SF) with his spectacular well timed goals. Brazil on the other hands will be present in full strength with it's 4R's.....Ronlado, Rivaldo, Roberto and oh yeah baby!....Junior Pele in the making......"Ronaldinho" are going to be there.....another factor is the crowd support.....Brazil are bound to be out supported by our good 'ol Asian spectators. I think a miracle would have to happen to stop this Brazilian team...Go Brazil!!! ;-)

Name: Sharat Kamath
Message: Brazil will win the World Cup. Because they proved that they are the best side in the world by beating England. England was one of the better sides in the competition.But no team in the world is as good as Brazil. They are simply the best. No other team in the world has Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto, Edmilson, Cafu, Marcos, Ronaldinho. This Brazilians have outstanding talent. Ronaldo to Ronaldino everyone can score goals in any situation. No other team in the world has got as much of talent. Germany en route to the final did not really face any stiff competition. The Brazilians, on the other hand, had slightly tougher matches than the Europeans. Their confidence level is high. They are unbeatable.100%brazil will win the world cup no doubt.

Name: Niluvin.Inian.Vincent
Message: Germany will be the winner of this "WORLD CUP 2002" because not for the kind of game they are playing but instead have had "lady luck" by their side from the beginning of the tournament. This side is nothing compared to the earlier ones when Germany could boast of players like Lothar Matheus, Jurgen Klinsman and Rudi Voeller but somehow I'm sure this World Cup is flying towards Germany after all its a game full of suprises. Believe me, I, for sure, would not be surprised when Germany beats the "GIANTS" of this very game football "BRAZIL" any way's at the end of all let the better team take what they deserve but my team this very world-cup is definitely----GERMANY.


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