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   July 2, 2002 | 1343 IST


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Oliver Kahn wins Golden Ball award

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Despite letting two goals pass through in the final against Brazil, German captain and goalkeeper Oliver Kahn on Tuesday won the Golden Ball award.

The award, which is sponsored by German sportswear maker Adidas, recognises the outstanding player during the World Cup tournament.

Kahn garnered a total of 147 media votes against Brazilian striker Ronaldo's 126 to win the award. Hong Myung-bo, the captain of co-hosts South Korea, finished third with 108 votes.

The award was announced on the FIFA World Cup Web site.

Kahn was credited with hauling his team, which was dubbed by critics as one of the worst ever, to the final.

Ironically, it was a fumble by him that enabled Ronaldo to score the first goal and after that there was no looking back for the samba boys.

After the match was over the German slumped against the goalpost looking absolutely shattered. In contrast, Ronaldo was weeping with joy at having helped his team win the coveted trophy.


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