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   ENEMY CAMP Martin Blake, on
 Time for Steve Waugh
  to leave the circus
Martin Blake, on
 Australia has a hold on
  us, admits Akram
Martin Blake, on
 More woe for Tendulkar
Martin Blake, on
 Waugh favours McGrath
  to win first medal
Doug Conway, on
 Warne stands alone in
  20th century dream team
Phil Wilkins, on
 Shane Lee: think
   Mr Versatility
Phil Wilkins, on
 Fourth loss for India
Will Swanton, on
 MacGill vs Warne debate
  may begin again
Phil Wilkins, on
 Pakistanis warn it's
  not over yet
Phil Wilkins, on a
 day off for the lad
  who's finally a dad
MacGill shines,
 McGrath pasted
Phil Wilkins, on Ricky
 or risky
Phil Wilkins, on India's
 run of outs continues
Phil Wilkins, on
 It's a tiring Indian summer
Shoaib Akhtar - a
 week of extremes
Phil Wilkins, on sigh
 of relief as Prasad
  escapes the 'dirty rat' tag
Phil Wilkins, on ACB boss
 demands answers
Phil Wilkins, on Akhtar
 ruling upsets Simmo
Warne, may be
 out until finals
Peter McFarline, on
 cricket wilts under
  long summer of tumult
Akhtar return
 fuels storm
Bradman still waiting
Phil Wilkins, on umps:
  put up or shut up
Continental rift a
  hairline fracture
  India Down Under

A tale of two captains
Sachin Tendulkar and Steve Waugh. Similar in a lot of ways. Yet different in one very real, very vital aspect - one wins, the other loses. Why? Armchair Expert ponders the conundrum.

Extraordinary summer
Steve Waugh salutes his all-conquering Australian team which won all six Tests and all but one of its one-day internationals this summer.

Aussies were just too good
While complimenting the Australians, Wasim Akram says poor batting and fielding were responsible for his team's no-show in the CUB finals.

Aus take CUB title 2-0
An explosive batting display by Australia, and the usual professionalism in the field, made it a cakewalk against Pakistan in the second CUB finals. Australia now have 9 straight ODI wins to add to 7 straight Test wins. And as a banner writer put it, 'The Waugh has just begun!'. Prem Panicker reports on the Sydney final.

Australia awesome
Pakistan were disappointing and perhaps turned in the worst fielding ever seen from an international side, says Bobby Simpson.

Celebrating Harsha Bhogle
Different folks have different heroes. Zak Parkar finds a real one in the commentator, journalist and, incidentally, Rediff's Contributing Editor. Here's why…

Talk big, think big!
It's time Indian cricket did that. Because when you do that, says Sonia Savkar, you're committed to doing something about it.

Pakistan versus Australia at Melbourne
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the first final in the Carlton and United series.

Waugh all but finished
The Australians are on the threshold of a decisive triumph. Yet, Steve Waugh says there won't be any quarters given against Pakistan in the second final.

Mirror mirror on the ball...
Two bowlers. Neither of them express. Both with similar styles. And yet, one is successful - read Glenn McGrath. And the other is unsuccessful, and "unlucky" - read Srinath. Why, ponders Armchair Expert, and attempts to find answers.

India versus Australia at Perth
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the 12th match in the Carlton and United series.

Aus go one up in CUB finals
Oooh, aaah, Glenn McGrath! A famous chant, and hugely appropriate as the lanky speedster crippled the Pakistan top order to set up a fluent 6-wicket win for Australia in game one of the best-of-three CUB finals.

Aussies too good
They had the skill, confidence and tactics to never really give Pakistan a chance, says Bobby Simpson.

Time to wake up
Following the run feast in the Deodhar Trophy matches, Harsha Bhogle makes a fervent appeal for faster and sporting wickets in domestic cricket.

Problems and solutions
Abhilasha Khaitan looks at the Indian cricket scene post the dismal Australian tour and offers suggestions for its revival.

Time to strike
The first of the best-of-three finals in the Carlton and United series will be played tomorrow. Wasim Akram vows to go all out for a win since that will put pressure on the Aussies.

Cricketers Anonymous
There are stars. And there are, says the resident Armchair Expert, players like Robin Singh. 100-per centers, who day in and day out, go about their business of delivering with bat, ball and in the field. Question being, do we recognise them? Appreciate their efforts?

Bon appetit
Harsha Bhogle in an earlier article had talked of the need for Indian players to feel 'hungry'. Sonia Savkar, taking him at his word, tries to find out just how 'hungry' the Indians are. A completely imaginary interview -- in good humour, of course.

To pay on performance
Rohit Gupta delves deep into the mess that is Indian cricket and offers suggestions to tidy it up.

Carlton & United series averages
Mohandas Menon encapsulates the performances of the Indian team in the triangular series in Australia.

India - Australia Test averages
Mohandas Menon's wrap-up of the Test series.

No easing up
The stage is set for the finals of the Carlton and United series. And Steve Waugh promises to ride in full throttle against the Pakistanis.

Quo vadis India?
Where Indian cricket goes from here is, says Bobby Simpson, entirely up to the officials administering the game
The Armchair Expert's guide to a plethora of jobs available in world cricket today

For India, it's a beginning, not an end
Looking back at India's disastrous campaign Down Under, Wasim Akram says the time is for determination, not despondency

India v Pakistan at Adelaide
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the ninth match in the Carlton and United series

India v Pakistan at Perth
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the 11th match in the Carlton and United series

It's all over for India
Warne slogged a four to finish the game with three balls to spare, and India ended its CUB campaign with just one win out of eight visits to the middle. Prem Panicker reports.

Looking to keep on rolling
Even though Australia have made it to the finals of the triangular series Steve Waugh says he and his boys are in no mood to loosen their stranglehold over India in tomorrow's match.

India crash to Pak at Perth
A bad start with the ball, a worse start with the bat, and India crashed out of the CUB Series at the WACA. Prem Panicker reports.

Truly Australia's day
Daniel Laidlaw's viewpoint of the Adelaide Oval match.

Flat and futile
Dilip Vengsarkar gives a call for fast, sporting wickets for India's domestic cricket..

Three don't make a team
If Tendulkar, Ganguly and Kumble play well, India sparkle. If they don't, says Harsha Bhogle, the results can be embarrassing.

Playing for pride
Abhilasha Khaitan finds, in the accusations of ball tampering and abuse that have been flying around, matter for musing on.

Ganguly was simply unstoppable
Wasim Akram salutes the Indian opener following his match-winning knock against Pakistan at the Oval.

Aus thump India to make it six in a row
The Aussie batsmen celebrated Australia Day with a spectacular batting display that saw the side power to its second highest ODI score of all time. And then turned it on with the ball and in the field to snuff out the Indian challenge before it had begun. Prem Panicker reports

Ball tampering row has Indians seeing red
Sachin Tendulkar tampered with the ball, says Abdur Razzaq. He did no such thing, aver the umpires. The allegation is dismissed as frivolous, says match referee Cammie Smith. And the furious Indians promise to give as good as they got

Ganguly ton powers India to first win
An immaculately paced innings from the Indian vice captain, and a welcome spell of good bowling by Anil Kumble, combined to give India a 48-run win over Pakistan. More to the point, with its first points in the ongoing triseries, India kept its hopes alive, albeit marginally, of making it to the finals

MacGill makes the most of opportunity
On current form he looks more threatening than Shane Warne, says Wasim Akram.

Jadeja -- not here, not there, simply everywhere
He is not attached to the Haryana association. There is no record of his registration with the J&K association. But with the likes of Federal Minister Arun Jaitley, national selector Madan Lal, and former opener Chetan Chauhan rooting for him, the India star continues to ride roughshod over the rules.

Fortune cookies
Abhilasha Khaitan on the unwisdom of waiting for Lady Luck's favours.

Umpiring means never having to say you are sorry!
V Gangadhar looks at some of the umpiring controversies of the summer Down Under. And presents views from leading umpires on issues ranging from apolgies for wrong decisions, to chucking, to an increasing role for the television adjudicator.

India - Pakistan at Hobart
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the seventh match in the Carlton and United series.

Pakistan - Australia at Melbourne
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the eighth match in the Carlton and United series.

Aus pull off a sizzler at the MCG
Chasing 261, Pak seemed to be sitting pretty on 200/4. Trouble with this Aussie side, though, is they don't know when to give up -- as the going got tougher, so did they. Pak lost the next six wickets for 45, and with it,the match. Prem Panicker reports.

When even the tough fluff
Pakistan have them and so does Australia. But among the Indians there's none who can stand up and be counted when the going gets tough, says Harsha Bhogle.

MacGill magnificent
Steve Waugh says the leg spinner is the biggest turner of the ball in world cricket

India go down to Pakistan
Another day, another defeat -- this time, despite Ganguly and Tendulkar putting on the best opening partnership by any team in this series. And with this, says Prem Panicker, India's chances of qualifying for the final have become virtually non-existent

Lost in the middle
India have lost both the knack and the sharpness to prosper in the middle overs, says Bobby Simpson.

Razzaq right-on
Wasim Akram salutes Abdur Razzaq for his match-winning performance with bat and ball.

Keeping the faith
Abhilasha Khaitan finds reasons to believe why the Indian team is not doing well.

Your turn
Scott Spitts of The Pavilion responds to questions from Indian fans.

Armchair Expert finally did it -- tracked down the missing tape of the selection meeting preceeding the tour of Australia. He brings you the transcript -- all in good humour, of course.

Fielding woes
Wasim Akram says a poor performance in the field cost his team the match against Australia yesterday.

Australia versus Pakistan at Sydney
Mohandas Menon's summary of the sixth match in the Carlton and United series.

Oz weather Pak blast, win again
A spectacular opening salvo by Ijaz Ahmed and Abdul Razzaq was marred by rank bad batting by the rest. Australia stuck to its basic virtues of disciplined cricket, to pull off yet another win at the SCG. Prem Panicker reports

Tendulkar must talk tough
Indian cricket needs orders, not encouragement. And, says Harsha Bhogle, only Tendulkar can give them without fear of an uprising

Akram tops 400 wickets
Mohandas Menon figures out how the Pakistani bowler achieved the feat.

Here they come, rounding into the straight...
As the CUB triseries enters the crucial phase, Harsha Bhogle looks at options for table leaders India and Pakistan

Wake up and smell the coffee
Avinash Subramaniam tells the Indian team that consistency does not mean consistently letting the fans down.

Surgical strike
Anantha Nageswaran sees change for the better happening in Indian cricket. On that day, that is, when the fans, and sponsors, begin deserting the side, forcing the players and administrators into change.

For want of a shoe
Sriram Ranganathan, on the little things that make the big difference between a winning team and a bunch of losers.

Pakistan versus Australia at Melbourne
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the fifth match in the Carlton and United series.

Playing for keeps
The key for India, says Wasim Akram, is for Sachin Tendulkar to bat at number four in the remaining games.

A mouthful of sky
Our 18th member, Abhilasha Khaitan, hasn't been getting much reason to smile these days. Which goes for the Indian team as well, in spades. Perhaps that is why she is so impressed by a man who smiles all the time.

Fire in the belly
Raju Bharatan delves into history. And finds, in the 20-year-old words of one of India's best openers of all time, a startling insight into the problems besetting Tendulkar's men today.

India versus Australia at Sydney
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the fourth match in the Carlton and United series.

The Waugh has just begun!
Steve Waugh's clinical brilliance lifts Australia to a win over Pakistan at the MCG. Prem Panicker reports

Watch against complacency
The next week is crucial, says Steve Waugh especially for India, which urgently needs a win to stay in touch. Failing which their tournament will be all but over.

Demons of the mind
More than the demons in the Sydney pitch, says Harsha Bhogle, it is those in the mind that are playing havoc with the aspirations of Sachin Tendulkar and his men

When the going gets tough...
...the not so tough get hysterical. Abhilasha Khaitan, in pensive vein, muses on fans of the fair-weather sort

India go down to Oz at the SCG
We picked the wrong team, said Sachin Tendulkar after the match. Australia capitalised, with a five wicket win to draw level with Pakistan. Prem Panicker reports.

Points for Ponting
Daniel Laidlaw reviews the first match between India and Australia in the Carlton and United series, and says the Tasmanian batsman has all the credentials to succeed Steve Waugh as Australia's next captain.

India versus Australia at Melbourne
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the third match in the Carlton and United series.

Miffed Sachin to open
The Indian captain lashes out at the schedule for the CUB ODI series. And will walk out at the top of the batting order, in tomorrow's day-night game against Australia at the SCG.

Field marshals
Harsha Bhogle is enthralled by Australia's showing in the field at the MCG yesterday. It made him realise that to win at cricket fielding has to be top class.

India versus Pakistan at Brisbane
Mohandas Menon's statistical highlights of the second match of the Carlton and United series.

India go down to Oz
A spectacular century by Ponting, and a dazzling display in the field, saw Australia home against India at Melbourne. Prem Panicker reports

Sachin must open
Bobby Simpson fails to understand what the Indian selectors are doing with their batting order, particularly with respect to the master batsman batting lower down the order.

Wish the Indian team contest
Come Boxing Day, the Indian team gets back into action. And going in with a defeat at Adelaide, they need all the support they can get. Team sponsors ITC comes up with a unique contest, aimed at this end. Check it out.

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  Day Won!
  Calm before the storm
  All work, all play
  All in a day's work
  Up, up and away
  Down and out!
  Bang and Over!
  India strikes back!

Only one Australian bowler has the distinction of taking more than 50 wickets (52) against India. Who is he.
Ray Lindwall
Graham McKenzie
Richie Benaud
'Quote' hanger
Audio Rahul Dravid on
The importance of
  concentrating on every ball
The benefits of a foreign
His best Test hundred