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June 30, 2003

Ab Ki Bari, Atal Bihari!
'Nehru, Shastri, Gandhi -- all made crucial compromises in chasing the chimera of "durable peace." Evidently, it is a national characteristic that shows no signs of petering out. For, Ab Ki Bari, Atal Bihari!'

June 23, 2003

'He must be a little cracked'
'Do these supposedly-Hindu, ever tell the "secular" columnists, politicians and activists that they are very, very tired of a huge group of Hindus being branded as Nazis, and that it's time to do away with that politically-motivated demonisation?'

June 16, 2003

Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani
'Perhaps, George W Bush and his neocons are the best thing to happen to Islam -- adversity just may give rise to rectification...'

June 9, 2003

Cure is possible only after detection
'Fact is, there are more Islamists in India than "secularists" will admit even to themselves. And, it is not "poverty" and "no opportunity" that makes them jihadis. It is pure Khilafah -- the urge to impose Islamic supremacy -- that guides them.'

June 2, 2003

The perils of 'multiculturalism'
'Not being a nation at all influenced by Gandhian values, America's Muslims better watch out for the backlash there,' says Varsha Bhosle.

May 26, 2003

The lamb that roared
'Take it from Balasaheb and me: nothing will emerge from the latest "hand of friendship." Unless, of course, it is Kargil II.'

May 19, 2003

What was the Congress afraid of...?
I gag at the reasons that motivate the Congress and the Left. Fifty years of their asinine socialism kept us in the Third World, and their corrupt "secularism" demonized one half of the people ? on the basis of the actions of one man.

May 12, 2003

My country, period
'Stauffenberg and Godse targeted the leader of their respective country. Both did it only to strengthen their countries... So who decides when the sabotage of one's government is justified?'

May 5, 2003

Campus capers for Christ
'If Hindus, as a group, are going to be manipulated with the aim of the decimation of Hinduism -- and there is no protection given by the government -- violence will naturally follow the brazen acts of the missionaries.'

April 28, 2003

Stories they don't want told
'The West's ways are best observed from a point offering a comprehensive view: What they don't want told about missionaries in Iraq is precisely what's been manipulating the religio-politics of India.'

April 21, 2003

Dear Readers, VII
'Since the day Masood Azhar was set free by this government, I have repeatedly said that the PM is a curse on this country. Today, I escalate that warning: India is under relentless attack *because* this person is at the helm of affairs.'

April 14, 2003

YES, all four wars!
'India's greatest tragedy is, every battle won by the soldier turned into a war ceded by the politician ?- there is no denying that. Just as there is no refuting that India's Finest creamed the Pakis in each and every war...'

April 7, 2003

Cherchez les bureaucrats
'In the end, of course, the US forces will win. But they will do so in spite of -- and not because of -- the political class, which includes the yes men among top military commanders.'

March 31, 2003

Whaat "WMD," whaat "principle"...
'I absolutely want M/s Bush and Blair to win. The defeat of the US-led coalition will mean the victory of Islamic terrorism -- everywhere,'

November 23, 2002

Where there's no will to reform, there's extinction
'Everything that made Hinduism survive centuries of aggression is waning fast. Where there's no will to learn, to reform and to adapt, there is extinction -- and no species has escaped that law of nature.'

November 18, 2002

The naked face of casteism
'I'd like to know the "dignity" in manually cleaning out --- without gloves, masks, overshoes, protective overalls --- hundreds of dry latrines daily,' says Varsha Bhosle.

November 11, 2002

Apna hi sikka khota
'If terrorists aren't instantly processed and dispatched to a suitable place, why blame the security forces for doing what the people want them to do?'

November 4, 2002

Hinduism's corpse
'We need a class of committed Hindus from all walks of life who have the guts to reject caste altogether --- and do it loudly and with fanfare --- regardless of the threats from the Hindu jihadis.

October 28, 2002

Where there's money, there are hostile witnesses
'Salman is going to play that which is handled beautifully by our politicians - the religious card. I say this with absolute certainty because he's played it once before - in the blackbuck poaching case.'

October 21, 2002

Shock to the system
'Because there is no forum, no political group, that represents us, these Hindu Talibs wreck havoc in the country, comfortable in the belief that alert Hindus have no option but to support them. That must stop.'
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