November 23, 2002


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Varsha Bhosle

Where there's no will to reform, there's extinction

Project Saffron Dollar and The Campaign to Stop Funding Hate has been an eye-opener. Say what you like but I can't help feeling admiration for the single-mindedness with which the cabal of pinkos+Christians+Muslims relentlessly attacks Hindu activism. And that's how it should be: identify the enemy and attack, attack, attack till it exists no more. At this point of time, I'm certain that, sooner or later, this coterie will succeed in making Hindus a minority in India: If not the total obliteration of Hinduism, that has always been their aim. And I, for one, wish them luck.

Wish them luck...? Decidedly! Over the last four months, I've come to the conclusion that Hindus really aren't worth the trouble, and I have reasons to think so. From August 12 to September 9, I did a 5-part series on Towards Balkanisation, listing the various fronts on which Hinduism is under attack, and the various dramatis personae in that war -- including IDRF and the anti-Hindu cabal. However, compared to what I typically receive, the mail for all five parts was so scant that I finally had to inquire whether something was wrong with the mail server (nope). And what mail I got was mainly the abusive sort from pinkos and, especially, Catholics. The Great Hindu Readership had either tired of the topic or wasn't moved by it: One memorable message said, "nice article" -- as if I'd talked about the menu in some restaurant...

Then, I wrote on Dalits, attacked "upper caste" Hindus, and picked on Brahmins. And guess what, I received an unprecedented amount of email -- far more than the base of the MORI survey. Of those who wrote in, only 10 or so were non-Hindu; almost 85 per cent declared themselves Brahmin, of which, every second mail was from the brain-dead type -- the ones who:

  1. gave that same old asinine explanation about caste not being a Hindu problem since the form that exists isn't endorsed by the scriptures: "The Vedic varna was based on occupation and not birth. Some people chose to be warriors" etc;
  2. took umbrage at the reference to the Shankaracharya of Kanchi: "You seem to thrive in this country by writing wrong stories without facts and live on a moments' glory of clappings all around -- if you are a born Hindu -- there is One watching and He will sue you";
  3. whitewashed Hindus' rotten deeds by attacking other religions: "There is even a code of conduct for these slaves, eg, in Jewish religious books any person who gives shelter to a runaway slave has to face death. In Islam a person can have sex with or rape a slave girl... On the other hand we do not find any such barbarity in Hindu religion";
  4. deemed me a "secularist": "I think you are just one of those bitchy hypocrites who wants to make a name for herself whipping up sentiments of people who can't think for themselves";
  5. defended their own ilk by abusing others: "The atrocities and acts of violence that you list have been carried out by Thakurs, Jats and other upper castes like Kshatriyas. However, none of these castes get a mention in your article. But the word Bram or Brahmin? It has the privilege of appearing six times in your article";
  6. slammed reservations: "I am an engineer and have seen the people who got lower marks but still got admissions to the college on the basis of their caste";
  7. denied that casteism exists: "It is a horrible custom and it is vanishing fast. Once it was the rule in all of India, and now it is exception. There were no 'dry latterines' in the places I lived and that usually were pretty low middle class localities";
  8. believed Hinduism is defined by the priestly class: "If a person like Shankaracharya (who has studied Hindu scriptures), says something on Hinduism, that is the true Hinduism";
  9. took a bovine to be holy: "And yeah Cow is not God damn animal, it's God blessed animal who serves the society like mother. If infant's mother dies cow's milk is the only substitute for the milk."
In short, half of the educated Hindus, also prosperous enough to access the Net, are living in a state of blessed self-delusion, with no interest in understanding the dire straits that Hinduism is in; with not a sliver of sensitivity to grasp the pathos of the Broken People; with no integrity whatsoever to look within themselves and at their own kind as they look upon others; with no intellect to appreciate the non-dogmatic characteristic of Hinduism -- the very antithesis of Semitic religions. Should such people last...?

The more I ponder, the more convinced I am that everything that made Hinduism survive centuries of aggression is waning fast. Where there's no will to learn, to reform and to adapt, there is extinction -- and no species has escaped that law of nature. "All things being equal" is a neat springboard for scientific speculation, but in the real world, things are never equal: Problems, arms, methods, attacks, assailants -- all change, and radically, within a decade. What helped Hindus survive in 1600 ain't gonna work in 2010 -- and that doesn't penetrate the thick skulls of these self-satisfied, self-deluding "upper caste" dorks.

One such novel attack is Project Saffron Dollar. Its result: Sun Microsystems stated that all donations to the IDRF have been placed on hold pending a directive from the IRS; Cisco has terminated all matching donations to the IDRF; and Intel has promised to "see that they do not commit the same mistake." And what are the IDRF's sins...? According to Biju Mathews & Co:

  1. Funnelling millions of dollars every year to be used by "violent, sectarian Hindu supremacist orgs."
  2. "The IDRF has funded numerous relief efforts in response to natural disasters, communal violence, and other social crises. However, the distributive mechanisms utilised by the IDRF have consistently discriminated against Muslims and other minorities in India."
  3. "The IDRF's relief efforts are frequently divisive and have supported the further communalisation of Indian society."
  4. "In recent times, the organisation has raised funds for Bangladeshi Hindu victims of communal violence, Kashmiri Hindu victims of terrorism, and relief efforts following the September 11 attacks in the US."
  5. "In contrast, to date, IDRF has not announced any relief for the victims of communal riots in Gujarat in February and March 2002."
If you read Chapter 4: Funding Hate of the "report," you quickly realise that the only aim of the campaign is to halt the funding of the Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad, Vivekananda Kendra, Vanvasi Seva Sangh, Sewa Bharati, and Ekal Vidyalays -- ALL being educational institutions set up for the upliftment of Dalits and Adivasis. Those whom the vultures target...

Secondly, despite a long list of footnotes, almost all directing one to news reports from -- ha-ha! -- The Indian Express, The Hindu, Outlook and Human Rights Watch, there is not even a semblance of proof that any of these institutions are responsible for spreading communal hatred or indulging in communal violence. Was IDRF money used to pay the rioters in Gujarat or to finance any violent activity perpetrated by Hindu terrorists...? Not a word. Did students of Ekal Vidyalay commit murder...? Not a line. Only suggestions, insinuations and more insinuations! And yet, the chapter concludes with, "The documentation presented leads us to a simple and single conclusion -- the IDRF does fund hate."

Let's look at Biju Mathews -- promptly given so much space by Rediff's Josy Joseph. (Question: Why hasn't Joseph investigated Evangelical groups that collect money in the name of charity and spend it on printing tracts to convert Hindus...?) Mathews is a fixed feature in pinkodom, often writing for puke-sheets like "Rethinking Marxism" and with a presence on every pinko website. So of course, the garden variety Hindu "secularist" has accepted him as an atheist/secularist with nothing but the good of oppressed humanity in his noble heart...

The Federation of Indian American Christian Organisations of Northern America has demanded a probe by the US Congress into IDRF and also asked the IRS to blacklist it and withdraw its tax exemption status. Meaning, World Vision, Southern Baptist, Seventh Day Adventists, and hundreds of other Christian missionary groups which seek to obliterate Hinduism from India can keep funding their nefarious activities here -- but IDRF can do nothing to offset it.

And guess who's the prime sponsor of the report: Teesta and Javed Anand's Sabrang Communications, of course! Take a look at their India-Pakistan friendship forum's logo on the Aman page: Observe the relative scaling of the two countries. Note the drawing of India -- with the State of Jammu & Kashmir lopped off. Not pushing towards Balkanisation...?

US corporations routinely match donations by their employees to all sorts of organisations, as long as these are registered as non-profit in the US. Such organisations include churches, temples, mosques, universities, etc. In fact, Guidestar lists 850,000 non-profits in the US, including Evangelical organisations, and groups with links to outfits many would consider objectionable. Examples of non-profits in the US, donations to which are matched by US corporations:

  1. India Rural Evangelical Fellowship Inc, Park Ridge, IL -- dedicated to bringing Jesus to the illiterate masses of rural India.
  2. Quentin Road Ministries, Lake Zurich, IL -- "Our goal is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to the world."
  3. Andhra Adventists Association, Hyattsville, MD -- "Adventist."
According to "Cisco Systems Foundation Awards Grants to Hometown Charities," the company has given grants to, amongst others, Catholic Charities Euclid Girls' Home, Jewish Vocational Services, and St Vincent de Paul Society of San Mateo County. Then, "Who Serves Sunday Dinner" at the Catholic Charities, Diocese of Santa Rosa? "Hewlett Packard Employees, Of Course!" So what's with the bar on funding a charity of and for Hindus...?

According to a report in, a survey taken after 9/11 found that "After the attacks, well over $120m (136.7m) was raised online in individual contributions." Which prompted AOL, Cisco and Yahoo to launch an e-philanthropy portal called Network for Good. Are we to believe that Americans donated some of that money to Islamic charities post-9/11...?

According to Mathews, IDRF has raised funds for Bangladeshi Hindu victims of Muslim violence, Kashmiri Hindu victims of Islamic terrorism, and relief efforts following the Islamic terrorist attacks in the US. Er... what's evil about that? Does raising money for the victims of Islamist crimes amount to spreading hatred...?

In which case, why don't these dorks ask for a ban on all madarsas (which also receive foreign funds) for spreading hatred? Why aren't all "minority institutions" banned for spreading hatred? Just because Hindus are a majority, anything Hindus do for Hindus is tantamount to spreading hatred...? And what about the Islamists going around killing Hindus???

Such is the current attack -- one devoid of reason, bereft of honour and lacking in morality. But I still wish it succeeds! For, if "upper caste" Hindus refuse to recognise their own perversions, they continue to shove Dalits and Adivasis into the rich and waiting arms of the missionaries. Such Hindus themselves accelerate not only the diminishing of Hinduism, but also the borders of India as we now know it. Jaisa karo waisa bharo...

Varsha Bhosle

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