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Amethi's Special 26 who cost Rahul the election

Last updated on: May 28, 2019 09:06 IST

26 candidates in Amethi take away 60,545 votes.
The difference between the victorious Smriti Irani and Rahul Gandhi is 55,120 votes.

Smriti Irani turned out to be the biggest giant-killer in this election, defeating Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Amethi by 55,120 votes.

She did that in spite of the fact that the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party did not contest elections from Amethi, thus supporting Rahul Gandhi indirectly.

However, there were 26 other candidates in the fray who together bagged around 60,545 votes, including NOTA with 3,940 votes, thus helping Smriti Irani defeat Rahul Gandhi.


If these 60,545 votes had not been diverted, who knows what the outcome in Amethi could have been!

So who are the 26 and how many votes did they take away?

Syed Firdaus Ashraf/ takes a look:

Sr NoCandidatePartyTotal VotesDifference
1 Smriti Irani Bharatiya Janata Party (Winner) 468,514  
2 Rahul Gandhi Indian National Congress 413,394  
3 Afajal Varis Bahujan Mukti Party 6,183  
4 Gopal Swaroop Gandhi Kisan Majdoor Berojgar Sangh 1,574  
5 Durgesh Singh Bharat Prabhat Party 958  
6 Nathu Ram Janvadi Party (Socialist) 847  
7 Prem Shankar Moulik Adhikar Party 1,729  
8 Pankaj Ramkumar Singh Akhand Rashtrawadi Party 1,057  
9 Bas Deo Maurya Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Red Star 988  
10 Ram Milan Rashtriya Apna Dal 1,144  
11 Ram Sidh Yadav Manavtawadi Samaj Party 3,055  
12 Shatrunjai Pratap Singh Lok Gathbandhan Party 1,716  
13 Shiv Nandan Singh Bharatiya Sampuran Krantikari Party 1,948  
14 Gopal Prasad Independent 3,177  
15 Dinesh Kumar Independent 4,301  
16 Dhruv Lal Independent 7,816  
17 Bhagwandeen Independent 3,860  
18 Ram Sajiwan Independent 5,616  
19 Lal Babu Independent 2,318  
20 Vipin Yadav Independent 1,039  
21 Shiv Kumar Independent 495  
22 Dr U P Shivananda Independent 547  
23 Saritha S Nair Independent 569  
24 Suresh Kumar Shukla Independent 779  
25 Mohammad Hasan Lahari Independent 1,224  
26 Harun Rasheed Independent 2,085  
27 Hemant Kumar Independent 1,580  
28 NOTA None of the Above 3,940