Rajiv Shukla

Rajiv Shukla is arguably the best-connected journalist in the capital, with access to 10, Janpath as well as the BJP leadership. Political editor for the Observer group of newspapers, Shukla also hosts the popular television talk show Ru-Ba-Ru. Earlier this year, he startled politicians when he won the highest number of votes in the Rajya Sabha election from Uttar Pradesh.

The J&J factor
'Minister of External Affairs Jaswant Singh and Minister of Urban Development Jagmohan must be praised for their performance so far.'

Give Advani his due
'Contrary to what his critics claim, Advani's decisions cannot be branded as communal. In fact, it was during his tenure that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal were isolated.'

Nemesis for Azhar and Prabhakar
'The CBI has found Mohammad Azharuddin and Prabhakar as match-fixers and blamed Azhar for influencing Nayan Mongia and Ajay Jadeja.'

Another Jayalalitha in the making
'Today it is Mamata, tomorrow it will be Karunanidhi and Naidu the day after. How long will the prime minister yield to his allies? He needs to put his foot down,' says Rajiv Shukla.

Facelift for the BJP?
'Bangaru Lakshman is not asking for the moon. He wants the BJP to adopt the same ideology which it has been practising as a ruling party. If one analyses the last two-and-a-half years of BJP rule, it has worked like a secular and liberal government.'

The menace of Veerappan and Dawood has reached a level where no state government can control it
'Since in our Constitution, law and order is a state subject, the Union government has left the responsibility of nabbing Veerappan and the Dawood Ibrahim gang on the Karnataka and Maharashtra governments respectively. If the Centre takes up this issue in its hands, half the problem will be resolved.'

Present laws are ineffective in dealing with terrorism
'If somebody is a proven terrorist like Azhar Masood, there should be a provision to kill him in jail.'

War of words
'The VHP and Bajrang Dal are aiding Pakistan in its nefarious designs by making irresponsible statements. The world has so far ignored Pakistani propaganda that minorities are being targeted in India. Unfortunately, violence against the Christian community has tarnished our image abroad.'

The good general
General Pervez Musharraf is one smart operator who knows what he is doing.

The good general
General Pervez Musharraf is one smart operator who knows what he is doing.

SC verdict a golden chance to improve govt machinery
The verdict on Ramesh Chandra Acharya's case must be lauded as it has provided a wide-ranging scope to bring efficiency into the government machinery

A great game should not suffer
Due to past incidents and certain unsavoury happenings, cricket lovers are gradually losing interest in the game, which is a very dangerous indication.

Let the Karmapa not spoil Sino-Indian ties
'For India, friendship with China is more important than fighting the dead issue of Tibet. We should get over the old hangovers of our diplomacy and review our foreign policy in a new perspective, keeping the geographical and economic situation in mind.'

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Kesri jo kehta hai karta nahin, aur jo karta hai kehta nahin
The Congress will never return to power if they
support the UF from outside again

If Karunanidhi continues his vengeful attitude,
Jayalalitha could well stage a comeback

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