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South Delhi mayor orders closure of meat shops during Navratri

April 04, 2022 23:40 IST

South Delhi Municipal Corporation Mayor Mukesh Suryan on Monday wrote a letter to the commissioner of the civic body asking him to take necessary action for closure of meat shops under its jurisdiction during the nine-day festival of Navratri.

Photograph: ANI Photo

This is the first time when the civic body has asked for closure of meat shops during Navratri which is being observed from April 2-11.

An official order in this connection is yet to be issued.

In the letter to SDMC Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti, Suryan said 'religious beliefs and sentiments of devotees are affected' when they come across meat shops or have to bear the foul smell of meat on their way to offer daily prayers to goddess Durga during Navratri.


He said during the period of Navratri, devotees of goddess Durga observe fast for nine days with a strict vegetarian diet and abstain from the use of non-vegetarian food items, alcohol and also certain spices.

During these days, people forgo even the use of onion and garlic in their diets and the sight of meat being sold in open or near temples makes them uncomfortable, Suryan said in the letter.

'Keeping in view the sentiments and feelings of the general public, necessary directions may be issued to the officers concerned to take action for the closure of meat shops during the nine-day period of the Navratri festival extending from April 2, 2022 to April 11, 2022,' Suryan wrote in the letter.

He also said some meat shops dump waste in gutters or beside the road, which the stray dogs feed on and is not only unhygienic but also an appalling sight for passerby.

'Such events can be restricted if the meat shops are closed down during the period of Navratri festival in the area under the jurisdiction of SDMC and the closing of meat shops near temples is also necessary to maintain the cleanliness in and around temples,' Suryan wrote.

Later, Suryan told PTI that an official order regarding closure of meat shops will be issued soon and such shops 'will not be allowed to open from Tuesday'.

There are around 1,500 registered meat shops in the jurisdiction of the SDMC.

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