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The very best of the NSG

January 29, 2019 08:05 IST

This year's calendar of the National Security Guard is about the high-level of training the commandos go through.

Shot by photographer Pravin Talan, this calendar shows a commando's valour and willingness to take risks and also gives a peek into the intense preparation that a commando does before embarking on a mission.


These stunning photos are a tribute to the martyrs and capture the 'men in black' at their combative best.

An NSG commando in full combat gear

Dropping down to ground zero

The cutting edge: Training in extreme situations

Living on the edge

Tearing into terror: Sniffer dogs of the K9 unit are trained to identify 'hostile intentions' and respond accordingly


Forged in fire: Training to tackle all obstacles

The Black Sharks: NSG's capability to launch underwater counter terror ops adds a potent dimension to the force

NSG commandos with a sniffer dog of K9 unit

Menacing apparition

NSG demonstrated its ability to launch close-range attacks during the rescue op at Taj Hotel in Mumbai


Proximate security 

Training till it becomes reflex

The martyrs