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These images stand for peace and hope!

Last updated on: October 16, 2019 09:38 IST

From climate activists to orangutan babies, here are the winners of the Alfred Fried Photography Award.

The Alfred Fried Photography Award recognises and promotes photographers from all over the world whose pictures capture human efforts towards a peaceful world and the quest for beauty and goodness in our lives.

The award goes to those photographs that best express the idea that our future lies in peaceful coexistence.

Take a look.

FridaysForFuture Climate Protest

A climate activist participates in the Fridays for Future protest march in Berlin, Germany. This peace movement, initiated by Greta Thurnberg, has helped make more people think about the impact of the climate crisis on our lives.
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Forest Orphanage

Indonesian photographer Dilla Djalil Daniel won for her empathetic images from a rehabilitation centre, where Orangutan babies, who have lost their mothers, are prepared for life in the wild.
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The Rugbywomen: Tackling Stereotypes

Camilo Leon-Quijano has photographed a lighthearted story, a story about success, ambition, encouragement and self-discipline, self-assertion and careers.
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Born Free -- Mandela’s Generation of Hope

It would unrealistic to regard post-Apartheid South Africa a paradise. And Ilvy Njiokiktjien has taken the time to look at how the once suppressed people of South Africa are overcoming the old dividing line of skin colour.
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Le temps retrouvé

Alain Laboile presents an enchanting visual diary of the free, wild, happy life of his six children.
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Children’s Peace Image of the Year: Slow Stream

A girl is wandering dreamily between heaven and earth, like she is secured by a net. The sun is shining on her right hand, trees provide a canopy. The peace which has been captured here, is the peace of a protected as well as a free childhood. There are no walls, there are no boundaries, dangers possibly unknown, rules are only based on reason. A childhood in the country. This picture was taken by the twelve-year old Dune Laboile, the fifth of six siblings, when camping at the banks of the French brook Dordogne. Photograph: Dune Laboile/Alfred Fried Photography Award

TEXT BY: Peter-Matthias Gaede/Alfred Fried Photography Award