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PHOTOS: The lives and duties of Mumbai cops

February 05, 2019 08:41 IST

The annual Mumbai Police calendar, shot by ace photographer Pravin Talan, keeps getting bigger and grander every passing year and is universally hailed as the most aspirational and inspiring police calendar in the country.

The fourth edition of the Mumbai Police Calendar has stunning visuals and heartwarming emotions capturing the lives and duties of Mumbai cops through its sixteen pages. Each page of the calendar is filled with artistic interpretation of the act of policing filling you with awe and inspiration.


Pravin Talan, the ace photographer behind the calendar, said it is a tribute not just to one of the finest police forces in the world, but also to the city itself.

Tall, strong and magnificent, the Bandra-Worli Sealink’s sheer splendour stands as a mere reflection of the glorious city itself.

The freedom of Mumbai's open waters secured with the confidence of Mumbai's finest.

Swift and steadfast in taking care of the wrongs, so that you don't have to.

Come smouldering heat, come pelting rain; armed with their mighty whistle, these masterful orchestrators of the road work tirelessly so you reach home on time.

Everyday in this workplace, courage is worn like armour. The intensity and the grit in her eyes define her role. Danger doesn't get into gender discrimination, once you put on that uniform, you need to ensure the law of land prevails.

For the protectors of a city this grand, a few punches in the gut are but warm up.

Against those terrorising their city's harmony, their bullets speak first.

Man's best friends, trained to get you out of 'ruff' spots!

For everything the city holds sacred, a glance away are the ever-watchful guardians, of the ever-vibrant city.

The reassurance that real superheroes walk among us.

Preserving the old, igniting the new; for the identifiers of the glorious city, it is all part of the job.

Be it the calm or the storm - the men in white are the mediators of both. With almost three million vehicles in Mumbai, it's a challenge for traffic police to ensure smooth flow of the traffic. Rich or poor you stay behind the zebra crossing or an e-challan would be on the way.

The protector of the good.

The destroyer of the evil.

Cover page: Serving Mumbai with Pride and honour.