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The India-IAEA Safeguards Agreement

'History will decide on Dr Manmohan Singh'
'Deal or no deal, the Left would have withdrawn'
'Not enough time to pass n-deal in US '
'PM's reputation is in some jeopardy'
'The Left wants to humiliate the Congress'
'Nuclear deal will affect Muslim votes'
'The people of India are for nuclear deal'
'They can't hoodwink the Left at every stage'
'I am not interested in barking or biting!'
'McCain will take Indo-US relations in a positive direction'
'The Left parties have lost ground'
'Reforms are required, but not the type initiated by the Congress and BJP'
We will have zero credibility: Ambassador to US
'An open debate won't hurt India'
'We were prepared to walk away from the nuclear agreement'
'India has important role in Central Asia'
Dr A N Prasad: ‘National interest is at stake’
'PM Singh is right man for the job'
'The US is perceived as hypocritical'
'No American can treat India like a pet'
'US wants to cap our nuclear programme'
'The US has not fully delivered'
'It's the best nuclear deal India could've got'

Text of India’s draft IAEA safeguards agreement
'It is sad the N-deal is smeared in murky politics'
Sonia, Karat ready with exit plan
Scoop: What the IAEA agreement gives India
No more negotiations, says US
Analysis: Have the Left, UPA reached breaking point?
The people who swung the N-deal
Why Bush has to deliver in India

IAEA draft: Invoking Para 29 won’t be easy
Is the nuclear deal about big business?
Francois Gautier: France and the nuclear deal
India has got the best possible agreement
The nuclear deal’s essence is politics
Has the Left overplayed its hand?
Will the final joke be on Mulayam Singh Yadav?
How the Congress mismanaged the N-deal
Next Steps in the Nuclear Deal
The prime minister cannot take things personally
Dr Singh, lead or leave
The Hawa Mahal of our politics
Nuke deal and the prime minister's dilemma
The deal that refuses to die
N-negotiators have not learnt from Tarapur experience
Praful Bidwai: The new form of McCarthyism
Special: IAEA and NSG will be no Cakewalk
Amend Constitution to enable public debate
Amend Constitution to enable public debate
The Left's 'death of a 1,000 cuts'
'These are vital issues which cannot be ignored'
'China's interest is our interest'
Nuclear steal: It's the Constitution, stupid
The nuclear deal: A positive fallout
America's Dhritarashtra's embrace?
Does N-deal really solve issues?
Goal post shifts for Indo-US nuclear deal
It could have been worse
India has no leverage
N-deal breakers still alive
Why should India test now?
Do we really have a nuclear deterrent?
The case for nuclear testing
India's N-programme: The perils ahead
Amend US law, or reject nuclear deal
India surveys the energy war
US Senate's N-Bill facilitates spy operations
N-deal: Separating fact from fiction
Why Condoleezza Rice is right
India's delicate minuet
Uncle Sam's devious plans
Indo-US deal may die in Congress
That Obscure Object of Desire: Nuclear energy
Standing up to America with buyer power
Iran, the US, energy and nuclear issues
Did Parliament ratify the nuclear deal?
The Perkovich Alternative: Inadequate Indeed
PM's visit: Focus will be on nuclear issue
Indo-US nuclear treaty: A good deal
Do we really need the nuclear deal with the US?
N-deal enters choppy waters
'China's interest is our interest'
Prakash Karat on the Indo-US nuclear deal

April 29, 2008
India's political process delaying N-deal: US
April 27, 2008
BJP defends right to undertake N-tests
''N-deal failure will be a severe loss of face'
April 26, 2008
N-deal: US will not change 123 agreement
April 24, 2008
Hyde Act not binding on India: US
April 23, 2008
Govt to take sense of House on Indo-US N-deal
April 18, 2008
Pranab pitches for civilian N-cooperation
Nuclear deal a problem of politics: Kakodkar
April 17, 2008
UPA-Left committee may meet on May 5
India's report on civilian N-plants tabled at CNS
April 16, 2008
Hyde Act provisions will never be accepted: Cong
'Indo-US ties will survive with or without N-deal'
April 15, 2008
Singhvi meets US officials, discusses N-deal
April 04, 2008
India to present its first N-safety report
US still optimistic about N-deal with India
April 02, 2008
'How much does India want the N-deal?'
March 29, 2008
India a responsible steward of N-power: US
March 28, 2008
We are fully prepared to go ahead on N-deal: US
March 27, 2008
N-deal may not get through even if deadline is met
Lack of consensus on N-deal major handicap: NSA
March 26, 2008
N-deal: US now says it can wait for some more time
March 25, 2008
India won't move forward on N-deal till consensus
March 24, 2008
US to woo Aus to back NSG waiver for India
Nuclear energy pivotal for India: PM
Pranab arrives in US on maiden bilateral visit
March 23, 2008
Left doubts US' growing closeness to India
March 21, 2008
IAEA safeguards agreement is ready: Pranab
N-deal: Pranab to meet Bush on Monday
March 19, 2008
CPI-M issues fresh threat to UPA government
March 18, 2008
Ball is in India's court for final agreement: IAEA
March 17, 2008
Left parties to convene ahead of N-deal panel meet
March 15, 2008
'N-deal differences with Left to be resolved'
March 13, 2008
Kalam pitches for more N-power plants
Can sign N-deal with minority govt in India: US
India committed to Indo-US nuclear deal: Ronen Sen
March 11, 2008
N-deal: CPM warns UPA again
March 10, 2008
UPA-Left N-deal panel to meet on March 17
March 08, 2008
Our agenda is not stability of govt: CPM
March 07, 2008
Bardhan writes to PM, warns of support withdrawal
CPI-M all set to put UPA on notice
March 06, 2008
Nuclear deal: Congress hits back at Left
N-deal: US govt urged to make responses public
Indo-US relations at all-time high, says diplomat
Left calls Centre for talks on N-deal
March 05, 2008
Support Indo-US nuke deal: PM urges Vajpayee
US confident that N-deal will be completed
We will seek broad consensus on N-deal: PM
March 04, 2008
N-deal: US wants India to adhere to Hyde Act
US eager to wrap up N-deal with India soon
March 03, 2008
India sends strong message to US on N-deal
February 29, 2008
Be courageous on N-deal: US to India
February 28, 2008
India, IAEA end 5th round of talks
N-deal talks will take its own time: India
February 27, 2008
Clock is ticking on N-deal: Gates
February 26, 2008
US defence secy in India; N-deal on agenda
India should not miss the N-deal bus: US
Ronen Sen's extension is good karma, says US
February 25, 2008
N-deal: India resumes talks with IAEA
Choose between N-deal or government, Left to UPA
Wrap up N-deal before Bush exits: Expert
February 24, 2008
N-deal: India begins talks with IAEA from Monday
February 21, 2008
Efforts on to build consensus on N-deal in India
February 20, 2008
Time is running out for N-deal: US Senators
February 19, 2008
Kerry, two other US Senators to visit India
February 18, 2008
'N-trade with world not possible without US help'
N-deal safeguards talks will take time: India
India can't shy away from inking N-deal: Scientist
February 15, 2008
Hyde Act: India declines comment on Rice's remarks
N-deal: India hopeful of finalising 'agreed text'
N-deal: BJP flays UPA for misleading nation
February 14, 2008
'N-trade: US can't have diff standards for India'
February 13, 2008
N-deal with US needed to avoid isolation: Pranab
US hopes India sees the benefits of N-deal
February 12, 2008
Time to move forward on N-deal: US
Kakodkar optimistic on Indo-US N-deal
February 11, 2008
Major US supporter of nuclear deal passes away
February 09, 2008
It is now or never for nuke deal: Mulford
February 07, 2008
N-deal: US to continue cooperation with India
February 05, 2008
'N-deal outstanding symbol of our new standing'
February 03, 2008
Indian negotiators, IAEA officials to meet soon
January 31, 2008
Congress highlights China's readiness for N-coop
January 29, 2008
Opening 90 per cent N-reactors an unwise step: BJP
January 28, 2008
Ambassador Ronen Sen on way out; new US envoy soon
BJP national council silent on Indo-US nuke deal
Better to complete N-deal during Bush term: US
January 25, 2008
Parliament nod not needed for Indo-US N-deal: SC
PM hopes for early end to IAEA talks
'Burns resignation to take focus away from N deal'
January 23, 2008
Left won't allow govt to go ahead with N-deal: CPI
January 21, 2008
Britain to press for new IAEA system on N-energy
January 19, 2008
N-deal has 'gone' with Burns: Indian Americans
Burns worked tirelessly for the N-deal: Bush
January 18, 2008
Burns to quit, but will handle N-deal
January 17, 2008
Australia flip-flops on Uranium sale to India
January 15, 2008
PM has not lost hope on nuclear deal
Finalisation of IAEA talks: Kakodkar non-committal
January 13, 2008
NSG could give India waiver before March
Govt not to proceed on deal if Left pulls the rug'
January 11, 2008
Greece backs India's quest for N-power
India may wrap up IAEA safeguards talk soon
January 10, 2008
NGOs from 23 Countries oppose Indo-US nuclear deal
January 09, 2008
India, IAEA to hold talks from Jan 16
Senator wants US to pass N-deal before India
January 08, 2008
N-deal: India, IAEA talks in deadlock
January 05, 2008
Nuke deal may not be beneficial to India: Expert
January 04, 2008
Not given up on nuke deal: Government
January 03, 2008
Major supporter of N-deal won't seek re-election
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