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'We were prepared to walk away from the nuclear agreement'
'India has important role in Central Asia'
Dr A N Prasad: ‘National interest is at stake’
'PM Singh is right man for the job'
'The US is perceived as hypocritical'
'No American can treat India like a pet'
Exclusive interview with National Security Adviser
'US wants to cap our nuclear programme'
'The US has not fully delivered'
'It's the best nuclear deal India could've got'

Why Bush has to deliver in India

US Senate's N-Bill facilitates spy operations
N-deal: Separating fact from fiction
Why Condoleezza Rice is right
India's delicate minuet
Uncle Sam's devious plans
Indo-US deal may die in Congress
That Obscure Object of Desire: Nuclear energy
Standing up to America with buyer power
Iran, the US, energy and nuclear issues
Did Parliament ratify the nuclear deal?
The Perkovich Alternative: Inadequate Indeed
PM's visit: Focus will be on nuclear issue
Indo-US nuclear treaty: A good deal
Do we really need the nuclear deal with the US?

October 30, 2006
Nuke programme is indigenous: Chidambaram
October 27, 2006
Indo-US N-deal dangerous: Carter
October 26, 2006
US strengthening non-proliferation: Rice
October 25, 2006
World will lose if N-deal doesn't go through:India
Pak sees little hope of derailing Indo-US N-deal
'N Korea test will affect Indo-US N-deal'
October 23, 2006
Romania backs India on civil nuclear issue
October 21, 2006
N-deal: 'N Korean N-test has not changed US stand'
October 19, 2006
Burns, Menon to meet in Delhi
'Nuke deal in present form may create problems'
October 17, 2006
Indo-US relations on upward trajectory: Ronen Sen
October 16, 2006
North Korean N-test casts shadow on N-deal
Bush discusses N-deal, N Korea with PM
October 14, 2006
'India has int'l support for civil N-cooperation'
October 12, 2006
N Korea tests not to affect N-deal: US
EU uncertain on backing Indo-US N-deal
<i>NYT</I> columnist bobs and weaves on N-deal
October 11, 2006
Will N-deal pay the price for N Korea's N-test?
October 07, 2006
'Time was always the enemy for N-deal'
October 06, 2006
Bush to continue pushing nuke deal: Mulford
N-deal: Democratic Senator lashes out at Republica
October 04, 2006
Indo-US N-deal should be opposed: US activist
US Senate may take up N-deal after recess
Uncertainty over nuclear deal: PM
October 02, 2006
South Africa to support India at NSG
September 30, 2006
Senate goes into recess without taking up N-bill
'Time is running out for Indo-US N-deal'
September 29, 2006
'Ties may suffer if N-deal is not taken up'
'Democrats trying to sabotage N-deal'
September 27, 2006
Republicans, Democrats fight over N-bill
September 26, 2006
N-deal may not happen this week
September 25, 2006
India should retain N-test option: BJP leader
India is a responsible nuclear power: Mukherjee
September 24, 2006
S Africa keen on nuclear tie-up with India
September 21, 2006
'Optimism over N-bill, pessimism over Musharraf'
'Indo-US deal might spur terror attacks in India'
Shyam Saran to meet senior US officials
September 20, 2006
N-bill could be taken up in Senate on Friday
Senators urged to support N-deal
September 19, 2006
Talbott criticises US on n-deal with India
September 18, 2006
'China may question N-deal in NSG'
September 16, 2006
Senators urged to pass nuke bill
September 15, 2006
IBSA nod for nuke deal good: US
September 14, 2006
Burns optimistic that deal won't be delayed
The lawmakers who are delaying the N-deal
US Senate may not take up N-deal vote
September 13, 2006
US for speedy negotiation on N-cooperation
Don't bother about N-deal: Kakodkar
'Ensure India will not pursue N-programme'
'N-deal could be passed before Cong adjourns'
September 12, 2006
Finland undecided on backing N-deal at NSG meet
September 05, 2006
US Senator not taken position on Addl Protocol
September 04, 2006
Race to pass nuclear deal in US Senate
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