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'We were prepared to walk away from the nuclear agreement'
'India has important role in Central Asia'
Dr A N Prasad: ‘National interest is at stake’
'PM Singh is right man for the job'
'The US is perceived as hypocritical'
'No American can treat India like a pet'
Exclusive interview with National Security Adviser
'US wants to cap our nuclear programme'
'The US has not fully delivered'
'It's the best nuclear deal India could've got'

Why Bush has to deliver in India

N-deal: Separating fact from fiction
Why Condoleezza Rice is right
India's delicate minuet
Uncle Sam's devious plans
Indo-US deal may die in Congress
That Obscure Object of Desire: Nuclear energy
Standing up to America with buyer power
Iran, the US, energy and nuclear issues
Did Parliament ratify the nuclear deal?
The Perkovich Alternative: Inadequate Indeed
PM's visit: Focus will be on nuclear issue
Indo-US nuclear treaty: A good deal
Do we really need the nuclear deal with the US?

July 30, 2006
'Sense of Parliament must be reflected on N-deal'
July 28, 2006
N-bill: <i>New York Times</i> slams US lawmakers
Left parties seek N-deal discussion
N-bill: US trying to ensure no changes are made
Bush says US benefits from nuclear bill
July 27, 2006
Indian N-scientists unhappy with N-bill passage
Passage of nuclear bill a historic action: Bush
We will await final N-bill: India
N-deal: End product will decide India's course
How the vote went
Praise pours in for passage of nuclear bill
House passes nuclear bill 359:68
'N-deal a nonproliferation victory for the US'
'If you want to be treated like India, be like it'
White House against going beyond July 18 deal
Anti N-deal lobby on overdrive before debate
Congressman Crowley confident of N-deal approval
July 26, 2006
Letter urges defeat of controversial amendments
US House to discuss Indo-US N-deal legislation
Former US envoys back N-deal
India won't accept new conditions in N-deal: PM
July 25, 2006
House of Representatives to debate N-deal
Bush draws flak over Pak reactor, F-16 sale
N-deal: What's on behind the scenes
Nuclear experts write to IAEA slamming N-dea
July 24, 2006
Pak building huge N-plant
July 23, 2006
N-deal may give UPA a headache in Parliament
July 20, 2006
'Veterans groups roped in for Democrat support'
Quiet diplomacy marks next phase of N-deal
How Tellis report helped N-deal mark-up
Bush supports N-deal: White House
July 19, 2006
We will stand up for the deal we negotiated: Burns
War veterans seek US Congress nod for N-deal
Don't nitpick N-bill: US Senator Lugar
July 16, 2006
'N-deal will make India less reliant on Iran'
July 15, 2006
Bush, Putin praise Indian non-proliferation
N-deal bill may be unpalatable: India
July 13, 2006
N-deal 60 per cent done: Mulford
July 11, 2006
Work not yet done: Rice on N-deal
July 09, 2006
Dr Singh, Bush may discuss N-deal
July 08, 2006
Bush plans N-deal with Russia
July 07, 2006
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid backs N-bill
July 06, 2006
N-bill: 'Indians in US did their bit'
July 04, 2006
Indo-US N-deal is a million-dollar affair!
July 03, 2006
N-deal: Hillary Clinton breaks her silence
July 02, 2006
N-deal: 'So much compromise uncalled for'
July 01, 2006
N-deal: Some changes needed, says US
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