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March 31, 2006

Indo-US nuke deal a win-win situation: Chidambaram
N-deal: Saran meets key lawmakers
India's Iran relations could affect N-deal: Lantos
'India cannot be a partner and a target'
N-deal won't bury NPT: India
'Strong security rationale behind N-deal'

March 30, 2006

China backs India's bid for N-power
N-deal: Rice gives Saran preview of testimony
N-deal: Saran out to convince US lawmakers

March 29, 2006

It's for US to take Indo-US nuke deal forward: PM

March 28, 2006

N-deal: India dispatches Saran to Washington
Pak does not have India's track record: US
N-deal: Burns not too worried about NSG response

March 27, 2006

'N-deal will set table for n-weapons banquet'
Uranium: China wants to keep India Down Under
N-deal receives setback at NSG meet

March 25, 2006

N-deal:Saran to hold talks with Burns, Congressmen

March 24, 2006

N-deal suffers setback at suppliers meet
'Amend Atomic Energy Act to formalise nuke deal'

March 23, 2006

Pakistan was fully informed about N-deal: US
Endorse N-deal with India, Bush tells Congress
'No double standards in dealing with Iran, India'

March 22, 2006

'Indo-US N-deal a historic opportunity'

March 21, 2006

N-deal: Senator Lugar hopeful of Congress approval
Bush briefs Howard on Indo-US nuke deal
N-deal is in Washington's interest: Bush
Won't accept N-discrimination: Pak

March 20, 2006

US fighting some of India's battles: Kissinger

March 18, 2006

'Better Indo-US relations make the world safer'

March 17, 2006

'India's special status to affect South Asia'
'N-deal has good prospects of US Congress nod'
We won't renegotiate N-deal: Bush administration
US faces historic opportunity with India: Wilson
Senator Dick Lugar's statement on N-deal bill

March 16, 2006

Indo-US N-deal bill introduced in Congress
India should fulfill obligations under N-deal: US
Senate, House to introduce identical bills: Burns

March 15, 2006

'Bush should craft new laws for N-export'
Pro-India Congressman takes on N-deal spolier
'Russian fuel for Tarapur within NSG guidelines'
'N-deal legislation will be introduced'

March 14, 2006

Law on N-deal not before Easter: US Senator

March 13, 2006

Experts ask Congress to okay N-deal
Rice defends N-deal with India
India tightens rules for nuclear export
India using lobbyists for N-deal with US

March 11, 2006

'IAEA safeguards will confer N-status to India'
It is all upto the Congress now: Burns
Iran not reliable energy supplier for India: US

March 10, 2006

Indo-US nuke deal draft proposal before Congress
Legislation on Indo-US N-deal to go to Congress
Nuclear authorities endorse India-US N-deal

March 09, 2006

'Congress approval will trigger NSG rush to India'
N-deal will sustain energy needs: Kakodkar
Indo-US N-deal won't impact Iran: Burns
Govt proposes to set up Atomic Parks

March 08, 2006

N-deal: US wasn't sure till last moment
Pakistan denied nuclear deal due to 'history'
'India's military programme was never focus'
NYT criticises Indo-US nuclear deal

March 07, 2006

The N-reactors India will open up
N-deal capped India's deterrence: Brajesh Mishra
What PM told Parliament on nuclear deal
Strategic nuclear programme to continue: PM
India "responsible" with nuclear programme: Burns

March 06, 2006

India, Aus to study Indo-US nuke deal

March 05, 2006

N-deal will end India's isolation: Mulford
Russia awaits NSG nod for N-assistance to India
PM welcomes Putin stand on Iran
N-deal implementation evolutionary process: BARC

March 04, 2006

Worldwatch concerned about Indo-US nuke deal

March 03, 2006

World community, IAEA hail Indo-US nuclear deal

March 02, 2006

Future Indian civilian reactors under safeguard:US
IAEA chief favours Indo-US N-deal
Civil nuclear energy: India, Russia cosy up

February 24, 2006

Burns-Saran talks: Progress made but not enough

February 23, 2006

Will N-deal be nailed before Bush visit?
Burns arrives to discuss N-deal, Bush visit

February 22, 2006

Bush: We have an ambitious agenda with India
PM to address both Houses on N-deal
'India will not lose natl interest for N-deal'
Exclusive: 'N-deal failure will hit ties'
India committed to nuke deal with US: Ronen Sen

February 21, 2006

Burns leaves for India for last minute N-talks

February 20, 2006

US 90% close to N-deal: Washington
NYT criticises India-US nuclear deal

February 18, 2006

Bush defends Indo-US nuke deal

February 17, 2006

US willing to send Burns to India for N-deal
'Indo-US N-deal will be a great accomplishment'
N-deal: Burns may visit India for negotiations

February 16, 2006

Experts concerned over Indo-US nuke deal

February 11, 2006

Burns may visit India ahead of Bush
India has to make compromises: France

February 10, 2006

Govt will go by what scientists say: Congress

February 09, 2006

'N-deal ends nuclear isolation'
Govt will note Kakodkar's concerns: Mukherjee
N-deal: 8 former ambassadors flay govt

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February 08, 2006

US expects progress on N-deal before Bush visit

Put more reactors in civilian N-programme: US

January 27, 2006

India welcomes Russian initiative on Iran
Ronen Sen meets Burns over Mulford remarks
India has tough choices on nuke deal: Rice

January 26, 2006

Mulford comments were inappropriate: India
Don't bow to US pressure: Left to government

January 25, 2006

India rejects US attempts to link N-deal with Iran
Vote against Tehran or N-deal will die: US

January 23, 2006

'Pak must reconcile with N-deal'
Bush likely to visit Taj Mahal

January 19, 2006

India, US set nuclear table for Bush visit

January 14, 2006

'Serious issues facing N-deal': Nicholas Burns

January 14, 2006

'India's N-separation plans not credible'
Iran, N-deal on Burns' agenda during visit

January 13, 2006

India,US discuss civilian nuclear programme
'Failure to implement N-deal would be damaging'

January 12, 2006

US-India nuclear deal a 'gamble': US Senator
Indo-US N-deal will bring enormous benefits: Kerry
US, India continuing work on civilian N-agreement

January 11, 2006

US Senator Kerry meets PM


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