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'We were prepared to walk away from the nuclear agreement'
'India has important role in Central Asia'
Dr A N Prasad: ‘National interest is at stake’
'PM Singh is right man for the job'
'The US is perceived as hypocritical'
'No American can treat India like a pet'
Exclusive interview with National Security Adviser
'US wants to cap our nuclear programme'
'The US has not fully delivered'
'It's the best nuclear deal India could've got'

Why Bush has to deliver in India

N-deal: Separating fact from fiction
Why Condoleezza Rice is right
India's delicate minuet
Uncle Sam's devious plans
Indo-US deal may die in Congress
That Obscure Object of Desire: Nuclear energy
Standing up to America with buyer power
Iran, the US, energy and nuclear issues
Did Parliament ratify the nuclear deal?
The Perkovich Alternative: Inadequate Indeed
PM's visit: Focus will be on nuclear issue
Indo-US nuclear treaty: A good deal
Do we really need the nuclear deal with the US?

April 29, 2006
Nuclear deal is in US interest: Biden
April 28, 2006
US trying to help India, Pak: Burns
April 27, 2006
Natwar picks holes in Indo-US nuclear deal
Black Caucus supports Indo-US N-deal
Key US senator changes tune on N-deal
India urged to work fast with the IAEA
April 26, 2006
Rep Hyde may delay N-deal approval
N-deal may be passed by June: Blackwill
N-deal will not trigger arms race with Pak: Cohen
April 25, 2006
No shifting of goal posts in N-deal: Mulford
April 24, 2006
India's nuke growth will be civilian: US
April 21, 2006
Boucher clarifies remarks on minimum deterrent
Moratorium on nuclear testing vital to N-deal: US
April 20, 2006
N-deal must be seen in light of growing ties: Rice
Our scientists don't need further N-tests: PM
April 19, 2006
Advani concerned over draft of Indo-US N-deal
April 17, 2006
India rejects US proposal on N-testing
'US may have undermined NPT by N-deal'
April 14, 2006
China non-committal on Indo-US N-deal
April 13, 2006
Why Condoleezza Rice is right
April 12, 2006
NSG member Cyprus backs Indo-US nuke deal
April 11, 2006
N-deal is a compromise: Rajnath Singh
N-deal will help India get away from fossil fuels'
April 10, 2006
'Pak will not interfere in Indo-US N-deal'
'Indian Americans can help push N-deal through'
April 09, 2006
Indo-US N-deal linked to arms purchase: Daily
'NRIs can play pivotal role in Indo-US N-deal'
April 08, 2006
Pakistan links weapons moratorium to package deal
India won't define minimum N-deterrent: Saran
Revisions to N-deal unacceptable: Saran
N-deal: US lawmakers to visit India
April 07, 2006
N-deal should deal with non-proliferation: EU
Indian Americans urged to work on N-deal approval
Pak asks US for N-deal to reduce regional tension
N-deal will improve Indo-US ties: Wilson
US asks India to define minimum deterrent
India, US discuss bilateral relations
Adhere to NPT with nuke deal: China to India, US
April 06, 2006
'India giving up more, gaining less from N-deal'
'By helping India's economy to grow, we help ours'
US trying for Asian moratorium on N-production
'Iran not getting military training from India'
Solution to Kashmir issue left to India, Pak: Rice
India not a threat to NPT: Lantos
Rice talks tough on NPT-adhering nations
April 05, 2006
'N-deal may not reduce India's dependence on Iran'
We convinced India to agree to safeguards: Rice
Full text: Condi Rice's Senate Speech
Nuclear deal won't fuel arms race, says Rice
US Senate begins hearing Condi Rice on N-deal
N-deal good for non-proliferation regime: Burns
Pakistan warns of arms race post Indo-US N-deal
US CEOs' thumbs up for Indo-US nuclear deal
N-deal: Petroleum minister meets key US officials
April 04, 2006
Boucher, key US Congressmen to visit
'Bush govt did not consult Congress over N-deal'
'India must stop fissile production'
N-deal: Rice to appear before key panel
India not training Iranian Navy: US
April 03, 2006
Indo-US nuclear deal in trouble: Report
N-deal: Hurdles before Congressional approval
April 02, 2006
Make exception for India in NPT: Russia
India receives Russian enriched uranium
Top N-scientist to visit Vienna
April 01, 2006
N-deal: Indian efforts hit glitch
I have alleviated Lantos' Iran concerns: Saran
Saran positive about N-deal meetings
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