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Want to be a star? Tips from Tiger

Last updated on: March 29, 2018 09:54 IST

Life lessons from Bollywood's Last Action Hero.

Four years and four movies later, Tiger Shroff has already made a name for himself among Bollywood's foremost action heroes.

With Akshay Kumar concentrating on socially conscious cinema and Hrithik Roshan dabbling in various other genres, it is Tiger's light-footed daredevilry in the classic star mould that's keeping the action alive and kicking.

Add to that a deadly physique and nimble dance moves and Jackie Shroff's son is simply unstoppable.

Sukanya Verma has cracked Tiger's success mantra. You can too.


Grow some abs

Tiger Shroff

The first commandment of action hero rulebook -- no six-pack, no stardom.


Idolise Bruce Lee

Tiger Shroff

Who better than the Fist of Fury legend to inspire in the art of kung fu and kapow?


Idolise Michael Jackson

Tiger Shroff

Who better than the King of Pop to learn from? Isn't that right, Munna Michael?


Idolise Hrithik Roshan too!

Tiger Shroff

Always helps to have a local favourite, even better if he's a killer combination of action and dance.


Channel your inner Chuck Norris

Tiger Shroff

Dazzle with your invincibility. Shake a leg. Break a leg.


Walk over your enemies

Tiger Shroff

And preferably in slow motion.


Dress code: less is more

Tiger Shroff

Wear and tear is a part-and-parcel of action hero attire.


Defeat those trolls

Tiger Shroff

Instead of feeling bad when trolls think you resemble Kareena Kapoor, acknowledge it like a compliment.


Be verrrrrry flexible

Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff has a superpower -- Elasticity.

It's clear when he fights.


Tiger Shroff

It's glaring when he dances.


Challenge physics

Tiger Shroff

One thing's for sure. Tiger Shroff will never be cast in Newton or its sequels.


Slog, Slog, Slog

Tiger Shroff

No pain, no gain, doesn't matter if you're called Tiger or Puss-in-Boots.


Say cheese

Tiger Shroff

But only if absolutely necessary.


Fly, flip, flourish

Tiger Shroff

Never a dull moment around this human spinning top.

Sukanya Verma