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Lessons from Bollywood: How to throw a birthday party

April 23, 2018 09:29 IST

Bollywood shows you just how to party!

Nothing celebrates life as gloriously as a birthday party. And Bollywood's love for big bashes, on screen and off it, is evident in its eternal expression of festivity.

One can learn a good deal about having a good time from its sumptuous social skills.

Wish to unleash your inner Gatsby and throw a birthday party of a lifetime? No need to look beyond Bollywood.

Sukanya Verma gives you a list of everything you'll need!



The budget of a Bhansali film. (Unless you have a fairytale godmother hidden away somewhere that turns pumpkins into chariots.)


Cake. They are to birthdays what diamonds are to rings.


A cake stand. Preferably one that's not a human rear.


Let there be tons of gaana bajana. Like the famous quote goes, 'Without music, life would be a mistake.' Ditto for the party hosted to commemorate it.


One handsome DJ and a playlist that doesn't include Altaf Raja.


Dance floors are a must if you wish to appease the jumping jacks and dancing queens on the guest list.


A glamorous disco ball for a touch of showmanship.


Birthdays bring out the child in us. Say YES to party props!


Bubbles and balloons add to the cheer.


An Instagram booth is a must-have in these selfie-obsessed times!


A party’s success depends on three things -- entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.


Theme party, anyone?


There will be bubbly.


Let the drinking games begin.


Add to the fun, bring in the clown.


Every birthday need a life of the party -- someone's whose antics and delightful lack of self-consciousness turns a bore into a blast.


Throw in some star attraction.


Three cheers to fun, family and fashion.

Sukanya Verma