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Arjun Rampal Hits 50!

November 29, 2022 17:25 IST

Photograph: Kind courtesy Gabriella Demetriades/Instagram

It was a party to remember!

Gabriella Demetriades hosted a grand birthday bash for her partner Arjun Rampal on his 50th birthday.

The white-themed, yacht party was attended by family and friends.

Gabriella shares pictures and writes, 'I'm only throwing parties on yachts from now on. Thank you to all of our loved ones for being there.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Gabriella Demetriades/Instagram

The birthday boy captures himself as he heads for the party.


Photograph: Kind courtesy Gabriella Demetriades/Instagram

The star of the party, along with his dad, was three-year old Arik Rampal.

Gabriella shares her birthday wish for Arjun: 'The irony of wishing you on social media is not lost, but for me this is more of an appreciation post. I couldn't think of a more apt song for one of few humans I've met in my life that is the true definition of authentic, I'm inspired each day by your sheer dedication, focus and most of all unflinching nature that you go through life with.

'There isn't anyone like you, and that's because you truly do it 'your way' and for that, you should be proud. Happy birthday my love, things are only getting better.

Arjun replies: 'Thank you beautiful what memories we have. Blessed.'


Photograph: Kind courtesy Erika Packard/Instagram

Actor-model Erika Packard was at the party too, and she writes, 'Went for a white party where the host turns up in green.'

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