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Mandira's Aussie holiday

June 29, 2019 12:39 IST

Mandira Bedi, husband Raj Kaushal, son Vir, mum Gita and dad Verinder Singh Bedi traveled to Australia for a holiday.


A family pic from the plane before the journey began.


'Forced break yesterday owing to 15 hours of travel. But back on track now.. #postrun around #darlingharbour ..50 mins 10,000 steps', Mandira writes.


'Had the most thrilling ride with @ozjetboatingsydney .. rode the waves.. swung around 270degrees a few times.. and got some serious sun, salt and sea-spray action!'


At the Sydney Opera House.


The family in a cable car at the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.


Mandira with Vir, Featherdale Wildlife Park.


'Had close encounters of all kinds with some of the amazing animals unique to #Australia !!'


Dingo, a dog native to Australia.


Is that a baby kangaroo Mandira is feeding?


Family portrait at the zoo.


'Biffed our way through a buffet-and-a-half!!, at the Sydney Tower Buffet.

Photographs: Kind courtesy Mandira Bedi/Instagram

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