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Is Salman Planning To Move Out Of Mumbai?

April 26, 2024 14:20 IST

IMAGE: Police inspect Salman Khan's house after the firing incident. Photograph: ANI Photo

Even as Arbaaz Khan says his family is 'disturbed' by the firing outside his home, the episode has escalated into a debate on his elder brother Salman Khan's security.

"Salman is a national asset and his security must be of the utmost importance to the government," movie veteran actor Asha Parekh tells Subhash K Jha.

"Salman may be putting up a brave front, so that his family doesn't worry too much. But I am sure he is deeply concerned by what has happened. He may or may not be concerned about his security but we are very concerned," she adds.


IMAGE: The entrance to Salman Khan's house. Photograph: ANI Photo

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde's assurance that whoever is responsible for the gunfire episode will be 'eliminated' doesn't seem like the categorical statement that should come from the highest political quarter of a state. Neither is it of any help to Salman's security situation.

The latest information on the situation is that Salman is 'seriously considering' a move to his farmhouse in Panvel, on the outskirts of Mumbai.

A close friend of the actor reveals, "Bhai spends a lot of time on his farm. He loves being there. It is also close to his Bigg Boss shooting location. With his safety in the city being jeopardised, Bhai is looking at moving to his farmhouse in Panvel permanently."

It is not very clear whether Salman's parents are also planning to move, but Salman has repeatedly reiterated that he cannot stay away from them.