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Memories Of Chandler Bing

October 30, 2023 12:18 IST

I don't know how the other Friends will react to Matthew Perry's death, but I am sure a part of them will be buried with Chandler, believes passionate Friends fan A Ganesh Nadar.

I woke on Sunday morning to the message 'Matthew Perry found dead'.

All those who watched Friends over a decade live and then reruns for another knew him better as Chandler Bing.

He was a friend everyone wanted.

He was always there when the other five -- Rachael (Jennifer Aniston), Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Ross (David Schwimmer) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc)-- needed a shoulder to cry on. He never consoled them, just listened.

In fact, in one episode when Rachel is sad, he says, 'I am not one for great advice but are you interested in a wise crack?'


Who can forget the expression on his face when Ross says, 'Chandler Muriel Bing, your parents never gave you a chance.'

His friendship with Ross goes back to their college days and has its hilarious moments too, where they agree not to hit on a certain girl because they both like her.

Making such a promise is not strange to us but bringing it up 20 years later to settle a dispute over a girl is. Still, they stick to their promise.

He refuses to hurt other people's feelings, irrespective of what it does to him. Like when he has to break up with the incredibly annoying Janice but she keeps bursting into tears every time he brings up the subject.

So he just flies to Yemen to get away from her. Just because he doesn't want to see her cry.

The scene where Joey gets locked up in the display showcase, while the thief robs their house is outstanding.

'You voluntarily got into the closet!' Chandler exclaims to Joey, who got into the showcase to prove a point.

Later when Monica arrives, he says, 'Twenty eight years ago, Joey was born and today, I got robbed.'

The way he gets upset for falling for one of Joey's girlfriends is so touching.

'She is Joey's girlfriend, how can I have feelings for her?' he wonders aloud.

His relationship with Joey would rival Jai-Veeru of Sholay.


The scenes of Rachel and him sharing a stolen cheese cake off the floor is etched on my mind. Then, of course, Joey -- who always seems to carry a fork in his pocket! -- joins them.

There was a time when Chandler got chaineD in Rachel's boss' office while she went on an errand. The way he pleads with Rachel to let him out and she tells him to stay there on an agreement that she will tell everyone that he is well endowed. You see, Chandler doesn't have his pants on in that scene!

Even with his hands handcuffed, Chandler smiles happily at her words. Until he realises its implications.

When Rachel tells him he is endangering her job by dating her boss, he agrees to break up immediately. But later in a break in his normal character, he does date her again.

Then, there's the time when Phoebe tried to seduce Chandler to get him to admit that he's seeing Monica.

But Chandler plays along.

They have a drink together, then dance, with Phoebe displaying her cleavage.

But when she's about to kiss him, he breaks and declares his love for Monica.

His relationship with Monica is on a different level.

His affair and eventual marriage to Monica was never on the mind of the script writers, but they added it when they saw the apparent chemistry between them.

After they get married, they find out that they cannot have a baby. They decide to adopt and find a pregnant girl (Anna Faris), who agrees to give them her baby.

One day, the girl gets upset with them and refuses to give them the baby.

Chandler speaks to her from the heart, and it's the most emotional one in 10 years of Friends.

'I don't know if I will be a good father, but I will do my best. It is different with my wife. She is already there. She is a good mother. She is already a mother without a baby. You will break her heart and she deserves better. I know what we did was wrong. Forgive us but don't punish there. In her mind, the baby in your womb is already hers. Please don't take that away from her,' he says.

The pregnant girl, and the audience, was moved to tears.

Chandler has a weird hairstyle as a college kid, and comes from a unique family.

His father is a cross dresser. He's performing at a restaurant when Monica and Chandler visit him to invite him for their wedding. Chandler is ashamed of his father but accepts him as he is, showing his maturity.

His mother is a highly successful novelist, who flies around the world and has young lovers. He is hostile to her habits, yet polite, even when in a drunken moment, his mother kisses Ross.

Joey, of course, is livid!

'Even sisters of friends are off limits and you kissed his mother!' he screams.

When their lonely neighbour on the floor below passes away, they go through his things trying to find out what kind of a man Mr Heckles was.

Everything they find there reminds Chandler of himself: 'He was me. I too will never find anyone. I will die a sad and lonely man.'

The authorities found Matthew Perry dead in his apartment. Certainly not sad, and definitely not lonely. Matthew Perry's death is being mourned all over the world.

I don't know how the other Friends will react to his death. but I am sure a part of them will be buried with Chandler.