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'I want to do what Rani did in Black'

Don't you feel weighed down being the granddaughter of one of Bengali cinema's all-time greats?

Not at all. My sister Riya and I share a warm relationship with dida and never allow her fame to come in the way. She is a very sweet person and the best dida one could have. In fact, whenever I am in Kolkata, I have to have lunch with her. We discuss everything under the sun, films topping the list.

What do you feel about Suchitra Sen being a mystery to the media ever since her retirement?

Dida is a very private person. She doesn't want the media to intrude and we respect her for that. In fact, no matter how friendly we are, I am not supposed to ask her anything about why she stays away from journalists.

You resemble her more than Riya does, and people probably talk about it a lot. How do you handle it?

It is a huge compliment for me. I really don't mind people discussing it. What I do mind, however, is when people try to weigh my skills against hers. I feel that's unfair. Dida is a legend and I have just completed the first lap of my career. I would rather be evaluated for who and what I am.

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