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'I want to do what Rani did in Black'

Is it true that you play a costume designer in Khela?

The film deals with a film within and I am cast as a member of the unit. In fact, I am the sole woman in the film crew. I play a costume designer whose task is attending to the makeover of the child artiste with whom the filmmaker Prosenjit Chatterjee shares a warm relationship. Khela attempts to explore their ties.

Did you feel any difference working with Ghosh after Chokher Bali and Antarmahal (2005). You had a small, yet sensual role, in the latter.

While acting in Chokher Bali, and to some extent in Antarmahal, I was young, almost a newcomer. I used to be intimidated by Rituda (Rituparno Ghosh) and his unit. But, now that I am two films old, I can understand him better, communicate with him more freely and read his mind well. Therefore, shooting for him in Kolkata and at Chalsa in North Bengal was almost like going back home. Khela, in Bengali, means 'game'. Shooting for the film was an interesting game for the entire unit.

You are constantly shuttling between Kolkata and Mumbai. Which city do you prefer?

I have made homes of both cities. I love Mumbai for its outgoing nature, its gyms and nightclubs, for being a home to many of my friends and, of course, for Bollywood. I dislike Kolkata for not having developed a gym and nightclub culture as yet. However, while I am here, I miss mom (Moon Moon Sen), dad (Bharat Dev Barman) and dida (Suchitra Sen), who all are in Kolkata. I also miss my puppy, Cuddles. Also, Mumbai can't offer mouth-watering dishes like jhalmuri and aloo chat that are almost synonymous with Kolkata. I will always be grateful to the latter for having offered me Chokher Bali.

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