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It is evident from her conversation that Shefali cherishes her Monsoon Wedding experience. Right from the time well-known casting director Uma Da Cunha phoned her offering her the role. There was only one hitch -- Mira Nair did not know if Shefali could speak English fluently, once that was settled it was one helluva ride.

"We were together for one-and-a-half-month in Delhi. Mr Shah did a workshop. It was like going back to school. We devoted the first 20 days to rehearsals. The familiarity of the people living together was such that it seemed we were living in this house for donkey's years. I think that came across in the film. They actually looked like a family who just didn't have a life besides this goddamn wedding!

"One of the major assets of the movie was that nobody came in the forefront and hit you in the face. My biggest achievement in Monsoon Wedding was that I did not come into your face unless it was Riya's moment. Otherwise she was just there; in fact you could miss her at times, which I think was my achievement as an actor."

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