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Sai Srinivas (Krishna, in Boys)

Before Boys, Sai was a rhythm machine player working for Harris Jayaraj, A R Rahman and Sivamani.

When Shankar's cousin called Sai to act in Boys, he says, "Initially, I did not believe the caller. I thought somebody was playing me for a fool. I know music, but acting in a film?"

After seven calls, Sai decided to pay a visit to Shankar's office. "Later, he told me the moment he saw me, he decided I would play Krishna."

He screen tested outside Shankar's office. They had arranged drums. Sai was asked to play whatever he wanted. They shot everything on a handicam. "I played all I knew. A funny thing happened. A passer-by stopped his car, watched me play and told me, 'You play very well.' They shot that too!"

Sai has played drums since he was three. His father was a drummer and his mother, a Carnatic musician. His father's early demise made him a professional percussionist at the age of 12.

Sai has worked on the background music of the film. He plans to become a music director: "My profession and my passion is music and only music."

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