'Who wants to cook aloo gobhi when you can bend the ball like [David] Beckham?' is the question posed in the lighthearted British comedy -- Bend It Like Beckham.

UK-based filmmaker Gurinder Chadha received critical acclaim for her earlier films -- Bhaji On The Beach and What's Cooking. In Bend It Like Beckham, Chadha admits that the rapport shared between the central protagonist -- Jess and her father (played by Anupam Kher, in his first ever British film) was inspired from her own life.

The film revolves around two teenaged girls who share a common goal -- football.

The young actress duo of Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley learnt the ropes of playing football from Futebol De Salao, a coaching academy advocating Brazilian playing tactics: dribble, attack, score. In doing so, Nagra and Knightley ended up with bruised feet and sore eyes.

Dubbed Football Shootball Hai Rabba in Hindi, Bend It Like Beckham releases nationwide July.

Catch the game in action

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