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Who Is This Stylish Indian Golfer?

January 03, 2023 09:28 IST

Charming-looking golfer Ridhima Dilawari is most relaxed, even off the green, in the typical golf skirts/skorts/shorts, which suit her long legs.

Attire for women golfers -- dictated by the course or the tournament -- runs to polo shirts or tops, generally with sleeves and a collar, in plain colours and bottoms that end above the knee. No jeans, strappy numbers, cut-outs, halter necks or derring-do fashion moments are allowed.

When she is not swinging her clubs, the Delhi girl, who has been playing golf for over 15 years, leans towards similar-ish casual clothes with short hemlines, but throws in a few sparse accessories she can't take to the golf course.

Not for her finicky chaniya cholis, lace and organza and overly feminine costumes or baubles.

A million pieces of rickrack lace, trinkets, ornaments won't win out against that tumbling hair and gentle smile.

IMAGE: Simple separates and unmatched confidence is all you need to melt hearts and turn heads. And legs:)
All photographs: Kind courtesy Ridhima Dilawari/Instagram


IMAGE: Toned legs are to teeny-weeny skirts like what sunshine is to flowers. She plucks blooms to match her garb and her grin.


IMAGE: Mornings with no blues: Seen anyone look this dishy at the start of a new day?


IMAGE: Move over Sydney Opera House. Ridhima's come to take your crown in her pretty hiking getup.


IMAGE: Eiffel Tower Days: 48 hours in Paris calls for a romantic dress. But Ridhima never puts away the sports shoes. They will come in handy for Walks Along The Seine... Round The Notre Dame. And trips to the world's most memorable art galleries.


IMAGE: Like her sunder sushil hasmukh ladki style?