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When Gucci Babe Alia Won Over Seoul

May 17, 2023 08:58 IST

No, Alia Bhatta is not just an aam chokri from Juhu.

Never has been.

She's always ruled as one of the maalkins of the style platoon back home.

But it takes seeing her on the international stage to realise what a glittering style don she is.

On her visit to Seoul, as a global brand ambassador for Gucci, she made the folks stop in their tracks and stare.

Clad in an LBD that had more tantalising cutouts than dress material, holding an empty transparent handbag, which made people wonder why she was even carrying a bag, and towering heels, Alia gave strong takkaar to all the other Gucci leading ladies.

IMAGE: Did someone run Alia's dress through a punching machine? Or did The Very Hungry Caterpillar have a go at it?
Or is it the ultimate definition of Saying Cheese.
Jokes apart -- How seductive are a serious population of holes on a mini.
She's carrying Gucci's iconic Jackie transparent handbag, first introduced in 1961.

Gucci's new Cruise 2024 collection was unveiled at the 14th century stately Gyeongbokgung palace, located near Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul. It was the first time a fashion show took place at this historic spot, once the home of Korea's Joseon dynasty of kings.

For a few more stellar looks from the Gucci Seoul Cruise 2024 fashion show that you just can't miss, keep going!

IMAGE: The classic secretary look gets a promotion with the shiniest form-fitting top, red handbag and latex cowboy-style boots.
Secretary? Nah, more like a beekeeper about to collect honey from the hives.
Photographs: Justin Shin/Getty Images


IMAGE: When coats become gowns: A parka so alluring it can put Sarah Jessica Parker's wardrobe from Sex and the City to shame.


IMAGE: Boardroom meetings, here I come!
Why not. There's something distinctly business-like about this neat and trim ensemble -- crisp blue skirt, boots and a sleeveless top that retrieved its sleeves in the eleventh hour (never mind that they were not the right sleeves).


IMAGE: If Audrey Hepburn's costume in Breakfast at Tiffany's were to get an upgrade to our fashion century of latex, boots and androgyny, it would probably look like this.


IMAGE: When the artist goes first backwards and then forwards in time, an exceptional outfit comes to life, that is just as much futuristic as it is a poetic throwback to dreamy old-fashioned dressing.