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Ujjwala Raut's FUN Swimsuit Moments

April 19, 2022 09:24 IST

Need swimsuit inspiration this summer? Look no further.

Ujjwala Raut in a swimsuit takes sexy to a whole new level.

Please click on the images for a look at Ujjwala's summer style.

IMAGE: The supermodel shows off her fabulous figure in a stylish bikini.
All photographs: Kind courtesy Ujjwala Raut/Instagram


IMAGE: A lover of minimalist beachwear, she knows how to make every trip to the pool/beach a memorable one.


IMAGE: The string bikini is her favourite.


IMAGE: She paired this mustard printed swimsuit with a matching bandana and won fashion.


IMAGE: Dressed in a cutout pink-and-black bikini, Ujjwala makes beach yoga look super fun.


IMAGE: Ujjwala looks picture perfect in a green bikini that's simple, yet sexy.




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