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August 03, 2021 11:10 IST

Even in the post COVID world, professionals with sharp technical skills and knowledge of emerging markets will continue to be in demand, points out Nikhil Barshikar, founder and CEO, Imarticus Learning, a tech learning and training company.

Tech careers

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When most sectors were facing the brunt of the pandemic, the tech-related industry remained one of the most resilient sectors.

In fact, it performed better than ever.

The same pandemic, which is responsible for millions of people losing their jobs is also the reason behind the sudden growth in the tech industry.

While the tech industry was deemed to grow, COVID-19 worked as a catalyst in the process.

Multiple tech segments such as e-payments, fintech solutions, online education, and e-commerce saw a sudden surge in demand and started catering to the growing needs of people who were confined in their homes, therefore leading to several job opportunities for tech enthusiasts.

These are the top 10 tech-based new-age skills and careers that will assist you to succeed in the business world:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

Since most of the workforce was pushed to stay home, AI and ML became the first responder in almost every business model.

Whether it is navigation systems, online education, or simply food services, these two technologies have taken the world by storm.

The machine learning market is expected to touch USD 31 billion by 2024.

Exploring a career as an AI specialist or ML engineer can offer you ample job opportunities in the present and future as well.

2. Blockchain Specialist

Like AI and ML, blockchain specialists are experts in technology who can help build blockchain-based apps for emerging and existing businesses.

The blockchain world saw a drastic boom as the cryptocurrency market surged to a record high.

For the first time in history, the cryptocurrency market cap topped $2 trillion, clearly opening up various career opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts.

3. Cybersecurity Expert/Penetration Tester

A cyber security professional analyses the risk, provides compliance and security solutions both to individuals and organisations.

Since the lockdown period saw a surge in online activities, it almost became inevitable for people to stay away from online fraudsters.

The cybercrime rate increased exponentially forcing multi-giants to hire cybersecurity experts and penetration testers to save and recover their data.

4. Data Scientist/Analyst

Data is the new gold.

Several IT experts, including software engineers, are transitioning towards the data science field because it is catering to the growing demand of the tech industry.

These new-age data scientists and analysts are experts in extracting valuable insights out of gigabytes of data, making them all the more critical for a company's strategic plans.

Both established businesses and startups are leveraging data to expand their growth; therefore, the number of job opportunities in this niche is growing each day and is expected to see a massive jump.

5. RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Developer

An RPA developer works with business analysts and operators to create a balanced and effective workflow process.

This role requires strategic business development skills along with some coding expertise.

According to Forrester, a research advisory company, the RPA market is slated to reach $2.9 billion in 2021.

6. UX /UI Developer

User experience developers, like the name suggests, create and design web applications and pages to enable a smooth, interactive and enriching user experience.

Career website LinkedIn included UX design in their list of top 15 jobs in 2021.

With knowledge of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and other design skills, you can aim for a job in this domain.

7. Cloud Computing Architect

With their cutting-edge systemic changes and IT skills, these architects are responsible for developing multiple computing strategies such as cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring.

If you have the right skills and passion for this job, you can earn up to Rs 50 lakh a year.

8. Internet of Things (IoT) Specialist

An IoT Specialist is an expert in at least one core IoT track. You could be an IoT hardware engineer, an architect or handle business processes.

Since the tech industry will continue to thrive, it is safe to assume that the job roles of IoT specialists and analysts will see a surge in the near future.

9. Consumer Insight Analyst

A consumer insight analyst bridges the gap between the consumers and the companies.

Their primary responsibility is to do research and gather data regarding sales and find out if the consumer is satisfied or not.

If the consumers are not satisfied, they analyze the problems and assist other departments in rectifying them.

FMCG companies are always looking for experts who understand the pulse of the consumers to launch the best products in the market.

10. New Age Banking/Financial Analysis Expert

During COVID-19, new-age banking and financial solutions saw a sudden growth.

From digital payment methods to e-loans, these futuristic methods offered safe and secure banking solutions.

Professionals with new-age banking skills and financial expertise will continue to be in demand even in the post-COVID world.

As the country is emerging out of the virus, the changing market pattern indicates that tech enthusiasts have better chances of succeeding in the corporate world.

Hence, it is essential to become tech-savvy and equip yourself with holistic business knowledge and specific new-age skills to prepare for future jobs.