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Dad's advice: Let go, be happy

May 26, 2016 08:42 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers, to tell us about your father's best advice to you.

Here, Shubham Roy from Delhi writes about his father.

Shubham Roy shares his father's best advice

We are from a middle class family. My father is a retired government servant.

He is very gentle, emotional, caring and sweet. At the same time, if we were to do something wrong intentionally, he shows his 'strict' side.

He has worked hard to bring up my elder brother and me -- be it on the education front, providing entertainment or our personal needs.

I currently work as senior manager in a multinational company and am well settled because of my parents.

I will always remember my father's advice to me:

If I could be even one percent of what my father is, I would be a great DAD to my son.

Baba, I love you, care for you and respect you a lot.

Share your father's best advice with us.

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Image: Kind courtesy Shubham Roy