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Shruti's Favourite Colour Is...

November 01, 2022 16:50 IST

Black is Shruti Haasan's happy shade.

It makes her look mysterious.

It lends her extra elegance.

It hides her ketchup stains.

It's easy and modest.

Singer-Actor Shruti, who, like her parents Sarika and Kamal Haasan, began her acting career as a child artiste, always looks wonderful in black. Black is really the edgiest of colours and Shruti knows it.

IMAGE: Her inky monochromatic ab-licious top and low-waist trousers makes her stand out in the crowd.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Shruti Haasan/Instagram


IMAGE: Beauty and the Beast: The majestic Ford Raptor might demand the lion's share of your attention, but how can you not take a moment to appreciate Shruti's versatile separates?


IMAGE: Istanbul days: When it comes to raincoats, she prefers black ones too.
Don't miss her uber cool sneakers.


IMAGE: This black number hugs in all the right places.


IMAGE: Black coolness: Athens, Shruti and chunky boots.

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