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Rewati Rocks Yoga!

March 31, 2021 09:24 IST

Photographs: Kind courtesy Rewati Chetri/Instagram

Rewati Chetri keeps her mind and body in shape with yoga.

The proud yoga-holic stays fit and active by getting on the mat daily and stretching it out.

During the lockdown, in the midst of chaos, Rewati found an opportunity to master her yoga skills.

Calling herself an 'aspiring yogi since the pandemic', Rewati has been showing off her amazing flexibility with some great yoga poses on Instagram.

IMAGE: 'For those who know me, I have always loved my workout session during the day.
'And this physical fitness is very essential (for me) as a professional model,' says Rewati who nailed the handstand like a pro. 

IMAGE: Watch that pose! The model twirls her legs in the headstand. 

IMAGE: Later Rewati also shared a video in which she is seen attempting the headstand using the wall for support.

IMAGE: 'Hey gorgeous, you know you're beautiful,' she captioned the video.

IMAGE: Sandwiched between two walls, Rewati did a few headstands without taking a break.

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