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Recipe: Smokey Paneer Makhani

March 03, 2023 13:28 IST

Paneer is a much-loved Indian food ingredient that invariably finds its way into many a meal, in one form or the other. It's great as a starter or a burji or in sandwiches, parathas and snacks, but lends itself to biryanis and curries equally well.

Paneer Makhani, among Indian dishes, has the brightest orange colour that cheers up any festive spread.

Pair it with rotis, steamed rice or even pulav and you'll have a winning Holi menu packed with bold flavours.

Madhuri Aggarwal's Paneer Makhani may be a tad sweet because of the honey and cream, but the indulgence is pardonable given that it's a Holi special.

Says Madhuri: 'Food moves me. Inspires me. It brings together all the things I love on a single plate.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Madhuri Aggarwal

Paneer Makhani

Serves: 3-4


For the paneer makhani

For the tomato paste


For the paste

For the paneer makhani

Editor's Note: For a vegan version of this use vegan cheese and skip the cream and honey.

For Jain Paneer Makhani, skip the garlic, ginger and onions and use 1 tsp saunth or ginger powder in the paste and the gravy.

Those who like their meat can replace the paneer with an equal amount of chicken chopped into curry pieces.

Madhuri Aggarwal

Madhuri Aggarwal is a food stylist, photographer, artist, designer and cooking enthusiast.