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Recipe: Quick Chicken Kebabs

March 24, 2023 13:01 IST

Shumaila Chauhan's easy-to-make Quick Chicken Kebabs go well with any meal.

You can also wrap one of the kebabs in a tortilla or roti for a great post lunchtime snack.

Shumaila says. 'I love talking, reading, thinking, dreaming about food and come from a family of foodies'.


Chicken Kebabs

Serves: 3-4



Editor's Note: Substitute the minced chicken with an equivalent amounts of mashed paneer or mashed peas or mashed potatoes for kebabs suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

To skip the egg, use more bread crumbs to bind the mixture together. And substitute the butter with cashew butter.

For Jain kebabs, additonally skip the garlic and onions and use 1 tbsp grated ginger and ½ tsp hing or asafoetida.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Shumaila Chauhan

Shumaila Chauhan is the creator of the food blog Novice Housewife.