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Recipe: Pumpkin Walnut Muffins

November 18, 2022 12:54 IST

Do your kids hate eating pumpkin?

You can always offer it to them as a dessert.

Take time out over the weekend to bake a batch (or two) of wholesome Walnut Muffins for your children.

Chef Sabyasachi Gorai uses pure maple syrup and coconut sugar to sweeten these healthy treats made with oat flour and pumpkin puree.

It's topped with rolled oats, chopped walnuts, coconut sugar, along with a generous drizzle of maple syrup.

The muffins can also be offered as a quick snack or a comforting breakfast.

Walnut Muffins

Serves: 10-12


For the maple oat topping




Chef Sabyasachi Gorai is a consultant chef and mentor.