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Recipe: Pepper Masala Mutton Chops

May 06, 2022 13:24 IST

Should you be planning on making your mom something special on the weekend, we have a recipe for you.

Model and photographer Prasanna Pandarinathan's late mother Nirmala Pandarinathan's Pepper Masala Mutton Chop is an impressive dish to cook for Mother's Day.

A family pleaser, it is not very complicated, tastes wonderful and pairs nicely with steamed rice and Chicken Curry or Pamban Fish Curry for an evening dinner.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Prasanna Pandarinathan

Pepper Masala Mutton Chops

"I can't remember a single time when mutton chops in pepper masala came out tasting less than perfect," says Prasanna.

"Dad and my nephew Anush are testimony to that, since we wouldn't hear a peep from people until every last morsel on their plates had been devoured."

Serves: 3-4



Note: You might consider using ghee instead of oil for a more special flavour.

Pepper Masala Mutton Chops pairs well with Divya Nair's Kerala Potato Ishtu.

Excerpted from Ammi by Prasanna Pandarinathan with kind permission from the publishers Rupa Publications India.