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Pix: What's your Navratri style?

October 13, 2018 10:09 IST

We'd asked you readers how you are celebrating Navratri
Here are some responses we received from you.
Click here to post your photographs!

Navratri pix

It's Divij's first Navratri says Nirmal Singh Rawat. Isn't he cute?

Navratri pix

Manguirish posted this photograph of his colleagues in matching outfits.

Navratri pix

Anil's colleagues were dressed in blue.

Navratri pix

Anil also posted this photograph of celebrations at Bonwell Corporate Advisors Pvt Ltd.

Navratri pix

Aish wished all readers Happy Navratri.

Dear readers, how are you celebrating Navratri this year? Tell us.

Are you wearing the colour of the day? Are you fasting or feasting

Share photographs of your celebrations with us. Click here to post your photograph or simply e-mail them to (subject: Navratri pix). We'll publish the best ones on