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Mother's Day: Gadget Gifts For Your Mom

May 07, 2022 09:49 IST

Not sure what to gift your mother on her special day?

How about making her life easier with some cool functional devices?'s Ashish Narsale handpicks some of the latest gadgets that immensely useful.

Take a look!

Kindle Oasis 10

IMAGE: The Kindle e-book reader comes with a large display and ample storage space. Photograph: Kind courtesy Amazon

1. E-book reader

Remember the time your mother read you stories in bed?

You can revisit those memories by gifting her an e-book reader.

Amazon's Kindle is one of the best options that come to mind. Its budget-friendly price ranges between Rs 6,799 and 25,999.

Best Buy

Kindle Oasis (10th generation): Rs 25,999

This version provides you with 32 GB storage and comes with WiFi and 4G support.

It has large 7” display screen for an easier reading experience.

Amazon Echo show 10

IMAGE: The Echo Show 10 moves automatically to face you while making calls. Photograph: Kind courtesy Amazon

2. Virtual assistant

When you are away from home, wouldn't it be nice to have someone help your mother in her daily tasks?

A virtual assistant does just that.

Amazon's Echo Show is one such smart speaker with built-in voice assistance (Alexa) that will allow your mother to communicate, set reminders, control light and other devices.

An added advantage with the Echo Show is that its display lets you make video calls and stream videos, which means she can watch her favourite recipes on YouTube.

Echo Show variants are priced between Rs 4,999 and 24,999.

Best buy

Echo Show 10: Rs 24,999

It boasts of a 10" screen with a 10 watt speaker that lets you enjoy your favourite movies and music on OTT apps like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Sony WH-CH710N headphones

IMAGE: The SONYWH-1000XM4 comes with dual noise sensor technology that enhances its noise cancellation ability. Photograph: Kind courtesy Sony

3. Headphones

Who doesn't love music? I'm sure your mother does too. What if she would like to listen to bhajans or old regional songs without disturbing anyone else in the house?

A pair of wireless headphones with an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation removes the ambient sound) feature will guarantee her a lovely listen.

A good pair of headphones can cost between Rs 6,499 to 30,000; JBL Tune 760 NC and SONYWH-CH710N are good options.

Best buy

4. Robot cleaner

Does your mother often complain that the housemaid didn't turn up on an important day?

While a fully functional humanoid robot that does all house chores may be the future of Indian homes, for now, you may invest in a simple robot mop that will help you keep your house clean and healthy at the click of a button.

A few features to look for while buying a robot cleaner:

Best Buy

MI Robot Vacuum-Mop P: Rs 29,999 (check for sales and discounts)

Samsung smartwatch

IMAGE: The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 monitors your health and tracks your sleep pattern. Photograph: Kind courtesy Samsung

5. Smartwatch

If your mother often excuses herself from working out, a smartwatch can be an ideal way to motivate her to meet her fitness goals.

A good smart watch will track her tasks and also remind her to monitor her health.

It can also double up as a smartphone that you can wear all day.

Best Buy

One Plus Nord 2 5G

IMAGE: The OnePlus Nord 2 5G offers cool colour options. Photograph: Kind courtesy OnePlus

6. Smartphone

A smartphone is sure to win your mom's heart.

If she is using an old model, you may want to replace it with one of the latest versions that has additional features.

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