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Mehreen's Beautiful World Of Dressing

March 17, 2023 09:44 IST

Actor Mehreen Pirzada, who has appeared in a couple of South Indian movies and in Phillauri in 2017, is a 'thing of beauty' for her smitten 3.5 million followers on Instagram who can't stop raining down compliments on her.

They heartily applaud her easy-breezy, unpretentious approach to dressing and her knack of being able to pull together both comfort and chic in one package.

She never looks like an attention-deficit Christmas tree. Nor ever -- banish the thought -- a threw-on-my-clothes-in-a minute slouch. No, the Kudi (Bathinda) Punjab Di, who was once decorated with the title of Kasauli Princess, steers a safe middle course, always well groomed and soignee (not to be mistaken with soni, but that she is too). 

Mehreen would like to be known 'sometimes as an angel, sometimes as a hell-raiser, but always as a strong woman'. Babbu Bains, we hear ya.


IMAGE: It's a face that can launch a thousand ships and even a few of Elon Musk's Space X Starships too.
She achieves dreamy elegance in a pastel fantasy.
Photographs: Kind courtesy Mehreen Pirzadaa/Instagram


IMAGE: She doesn't even have to lift a finger to look this good.
Ankle-length denims. Checked shirt. White sneakers. Simple, casual 90s clothes and a pretty Mehreen.


IMAGE: Now here's a dress that will do much stranger things to at least 5,000 ships, like go astray in the ocean.
She holidays in Sorrento, Italy, looking an aqua blue diva in a dress with military precision-planned cut-outs.


IMAGE: Look what the tide threw up.
Mehreen luxuriates in the golden sunset hour in a smartly-chosen tie-dye co-ord set in Goa.


IMAGE: Move over Mona Lisaji, Mehreen Lisa is here. And we dare say she's a tad better dressed in uber-feminine pink separates.
No frumpy, dumpy, gloomy amma gowns for her.


IMAGE: When you dress to match the twinkling futuristic Dubai skyline in a ritzy skirt, that uses sequins with abandon but is still not over the top.


Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/
Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/