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'Baby teri dress backless'

Last updated on: April 03, 2023 13:55 IST

Dhvani Bhanushali's fashion aesthetics often travel to splendid colourful notes worthy of a songstress, when she goes dressy.

The 'sweet-salty, happy mostly' singer has been training with Namrata Purohit and is one of the youngest Indian pop artistes to have a first song Vaaste hit the billion mark on YouTube so quickly after release.

Her #hotbodgoals wardrobe are about vibrance, skin-revealing silhouettes and lots of josh.

IMAGE: Boom. Check. In a mini-dress dripping with metallic discs Dhvani can take us back to the 1970s Boogie Wonderland state of mind.
She passes on the accessories and make up. Good move.  


IMAGE: Two months might have elapsed since V-Day but shocking pink still lurks. Happily. Pink power.
In an ultra fem dress, Dhvani finds the sweet spot between being sartorially sensual and extremely adorable.
Ain't she Dilbar?
Photographs: Kind courtesy Dhvani Bhanushali/Instagram


IMAGE: A schoolgirl black-and-white getup for a 'lit weekend'. Kis Vaaste, Dhvani?


IMAGE: She calls her black cropped top and chessboard ab-baring skirt a 'WIP' (work in progress).
Really? We disagree. Simple. Effortless. Her clothes and her 'happy wali smile', as one of her 7 million fans calls it, score.


IMAGE: And she recently sang Candy. Oh yes.


IMAGE: What do you say about a singer who stepped out of one of the verses of her own songs?
Baby teri smile priceless, Baby teri dress backless
Baby, teri black-and-white stripes outfit matchless.

Photographs curated by Hitesh Harisinghani/