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'Lord Ganesha has a special place in our heart'

September 03, 2022 13:07 IST

We ask you, Dear Readers, to send us your Ganpati pictures!


'Our Lord Ganesha is three generations old and we are celebrating the festival with same sentiments and intensity. Ganesha has a special place in our heart since childhood and we always look forward to arrival of Ganesha in our house.

'Ganesha loves his favourite modak which we too get to relish on through him.

'Everytime on the day of visanjan we still get emotional and tears flow down our eyes as if member of our house is departing us. Such is the importance of Ganesha in our life.

'His presence in our heart has enriched our life,' says Ramesh Pandurang Kadu from Goregaon, Mumbai. Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Deepak Singhal -- from Andheri east, Mumbai -- shares a picture of his traditionally turbaned Lord Ganesha.


This Ganeshotsav is special for Pramod Chalke and his family.

'This time we are celebrating Ganesh Ustav at our residence located in Mumbai for a period of 1 1/2 divas (days). We are most excited to welcome Ganesh Bappa because this is the first time we will be celebrating at our own residence.'

Earlier, they would celebrate at their native place or with their relatives.

This year, says Pramod, the family took the unanimous decision of bring Bappa home. 'We brought an 18 inch Ganesh idol,' he says.


'We bring Lord Ganesh for 10 days,' says Kapil Goenka from Mumbai.

'This is our 15th anniversary. This year is very special as we moved to our new house.' Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Devashree Sapatnekar shared a picture of her Ganesha.


Dear Readers, how are you celebrating Ganeshotsav this year?

Have you made the idol at home?

What is special about the celebrations this year? Do you have a theme for the festival?

Please send your Ganpati 2022 pictures to (Subjectline: My Lord Ganesha).

Do mention your Name and Where You Live. Also, WHY Lord Ganesha has a special place in your heart.

Do you have an unforgettable memory related to Lord Ganesha? We'd love to hear about it.

Is there a favourite prasad you make for Lord Ganesha? Do share the recipe and pictures with us.

Going pandal-hopping? Share your pictures with us.


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