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How can we make workplaces safe for women?

December 27, 2018 11:50 IST

Employees must be made aware as to what comprises sexual harassment and what are their rights of protection against actions which make them uncomfortable, says Mohana Nair.

How to make workplaces safe for women

As the #MeToo Movement gained momentum in India this year, women found courage to tackle the problems they faced from their superiors and other male colleagues.

The number of workplace complaints kept increasing by the day.

The pressure on employers to ensure that workplaces are safe for women at work is now more than ever.

Organisations are taking control, amending required policies and sensitising their employees to ensure a safe workplace for all.

Here are some things employers and co-workers could do to improve the situation:

While we all like to trust our guts when it comes to people, studies show that some of the best executives make the worst hiring decisions.

It is important to rely on background checks and references before making a hiring decision. This will ensure that there are no surprises in behavioral patterns of employees.

The #MeToo is a great movement.

Women are finding courage to talk, which was missing earlier.

While law takes it due course and offenders are punished, women continue to have the confidence to speak about their grievances. This is inspiring more women to bring change at their workplaces.

The author Mohana Nair is president, IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ladies Wing. She is a corporate lawyer specialising in banking, insurance, company, Intellectual Property and Information Technology laws.

Note: Lead image -- a screenshot of the short film Let the Voice be Yours published only for representational purposes.

Mohana Nair