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Unbelievable! This is what Kartik Aryan eats

January 22, 2019 10:40 IST

Kartik Aryan, the hottest new bachelor in B-town just revealed the secret diet he follows.

No, it's not lean meat or grilled fish!

Kartik Aryan 

IMAGE: Kartik revealed that being a vegetarian has many health benefits. Photograph: Kind courtesy Kartik Aryan/Instagram

Kartik Aryan has been named as the hottest vegetarian in Bollywood along with actor Anushka Sharma in a campaign by animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA).

The 30 year-old actor who has 6.5 mn followers on Instagram loves animals and cares for the environment.

During the campaign 'Chicks love a vegetarian', he spoke about how his love for animals turned him into a vegetarian.

Kartik also went on to talk about the health benefits of being a vegetarian.

"I think this is a myth that to be fit you need to be a non-vegetarian."

"In fact being a vegetarian you have quite a few health benefits as it reverses quite a few diseases. It helps people who are heart patients and diabetic," the actor said.

Vegetarian food gives you just as much protein as non-vegetarian diet, he added.

Watch the video to see Kartik talk about why he is happy to be a vegetarian:

Now, who's following his advice?