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Foods that keep you full for longer

October 20, 2015 14:55 IST

Do you find yourself feeling hungry more often than usual? Do you feel unsatisfied with the food you consume? Or constantly drained of energy?

You are probably missing out energy-producing wholesome foods.

Keep hunger and mindless snacking at bay with these 9 foods that will help you feeling full, for a longer time.

1. Oats


It is the perfect food to kick-start your body. Rich in fibre, oats is the best bet when you are looking for something satisfying and filling. It is also rated as the Number One breakfast. Add in the flavours of crunchy nuts, dried fruits, honey and cinnamon to this creamy wholesomeness when cooking it.

Photograph: rpavich/Creative Commons

2. Chapatti and wholegrain breads


Because of its roughage and carbohydrate content, chapatti and breads sit in your tummy much longer, and allow for the slow release of energy. This reduces your need to snack often. You can make chapattis and wholegrain breads a part of your main meal or snacks.

3. Pasta


Whole wheat pasta is a good option, when paired up with a protein, to keep you satisfied for a few hours. When you cook pasta, throw in some veggies, proteins like chicken or tofu, and a generous grating of parmesan cheese. It makes for an easy and happy dinner.

4. Bananas


When you are really craving for a snack, a banana is the easiest quick fix. It will help keep you feeling full for a good amount of time. It always helps to keep bananas handy as they are a good source of potassium and magnesium.

5. Nuts


Filled with goodness, nuts provide your body with good fats, low cholesterol and fibre. Just a handful of nuts are good enough to kill those hunger pangs. You can mix them up with dry fruits to pack in a bigger punch.

6. Yoghurt


Its creamy consistency helps you feel satiated. An excellent source of protein and calcium, it does so much good for your body. You can add fruits, nuts and honey to jazz up your yoghurt recipe.

7. Lentils and pulses

If you need something to stay put in the tummy for a long time, this is it! Full of proteins, lentils and pulses are heavy and take much longer to digest, keeping you full for a longer time. A lentil soup served with a portion of crunchy bread is sure to keep you feeling happy and full.

8. Chicken

Grilled Chicken

It is always a great option for lunch or dinner. You can grill it, put it in your curry, boil or shred it, or simply mince it. Irrespective of its preparation style, chicken always makes for a filling and satisfying meal. It contains lots of protein, which makes you feel full but not heavy.

9. Dark chocolate


A piece or two of dark chocolate can satisfy your hunger pangs. The sugar and caffeine content present in chocolate can give you the much needed energy and kick to perk you up. Chocolate has antioxidants with anti-ageing properties.

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