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Fat to fit: How I fought obesity and lost 37 kg

July 08, 2019 08:30 IST

We'd asked you, dear readers, to share your fitness stories.
Here, Apoorba Kumar Patranabish, 37, from Hyderabad reveals how he went from 127 kg to 90 kg in 11 months.

Apoorba Kumar Patranabish

IMAGE: Apoorba Kumar was 127 kg in April 2018.  Photographs: Kind courtesy Apoorba Kumar 

In the rat race of life, it was always about moving ahead.

Through school and college, I focused on academics and had no inclination toward sports or fitness.

I was always overweight, but thanks to my unfit lifestyle, I kept adding more inches to the waist and loads of kg to the body.

I started suffering from massive health issues because of the weight I had put on.

I would easily get tired and and couldn't do basic activities. 

I was 127 kg and these were some of the problems I had:

1. Heart issues
2. Diabetes
3. Cholesterol
4. Blood pressure of 180
5. Breathing issues

In April 2018, I started with yoga and turned to running. Gradually, it started showing results.

Initially it was very tough as I could barely run more than 2 minutes.

I had breathing issues and after returning home my legs would pain a lot. '

There were days when I wanted to quit but I pictured my family which inspired me to move ahead.

I got in touch with Hyderabad Runners, a fantastic community that helps budding runners to get in shape and run marathons.

Slowly, I started losing weight.

Apoorba Kumar Patranabish

IMAGE: He started running a year ago and slowly started losing weight. 


I start my day with a teaspoon of ghee as it helps build your metabolism and is good for bones.

8 am:Protein and carb-rich breakfast as I need energy throughout the day.
Banana with idli, dosa, poha, parota or freshly made roti along with 1 glass of home-made protein shake

11 am: 1 fruit or 50 gm of dry fruits

1:30 pm: Lunch
2 rotis or small quantity of rice with dal, vegetables and salad, 50 gm curd

3 pm: 1 cup of green tea

5:30 pm to 6:00 pm: Dinner
I always prefer early dinner as this meal has to be consumed before sunset.
2 rotis or 2 slices of bread, a bowl of soup or salad

Apoorba Kumar Patranabish

IMAGE: Apoorba credits his team of runners for motivating him to stay fit and active.

The journey was tough but once you believe in something, you can make it possible by sheer determination and will power.

During this period, I focused on these basic rules:

1. No fried food
2. No sugar
3. No alcohol
4. No bakery products
5. No sweets
6. No packed foods

I would like to thank the following members who have inspired my journey. They inspire us daily to make fitness a way of life.

1. Vijay Shukla, technical coach, ASICS
2. Sonali, my partner, soul mate who has always been by my side
3. Hyderabad Runners
4. My running team members, Sachin and Lakshmi

In the last 11 months, I finished eight 10 km races with good timing and five half marathons (21.1 km).

Running is my sole goal in life. I will keep running till my last breath, because it is one of the reasons I am alive and healthy.



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Apoorba Kumar Patranabish