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Gifts For Dad Under ₹5,000

June 18, 2022 10:07 IST

Ashish Narsale picks affordable gadgets that will make your Dad happy.
Take a look!

*IMAGE: What would your dad appreciate the most -- a smart wearable, a multi-functional toolkit or a cool tracker? Photograph: Kind courtesy Timur Weber/

What can you possibly buy for the man who has always been ahead of time and surprised you and everyone else with his thoughtful, perfectly-timed gifts?

Be it your birthday, graduation day or even your wedding, dads know exactly what will cheer you up.

You know you can demand anything from him. And he'd never say No!

This Father's Day, it's your turn to tell him how special he is to you.

Presenting a few cool and memorable gifting ideas to make him go Wow:

For the Audiophile

IMAGE: Boult Audio audio soul-mate soulpods. Photograph: Kind courtesy

How do you tell your father not to play his favourite retro regional music at high volume without hurting his emotions?

Try gifting him a headphone or ear pods like the TWS (True wireless stereo) headphones/earbuds with noise cancellation.

The wire-free experience starts at ₹1,500 and goes up to ₹5,000.

A few options you could consider:

Ear buds


For the Fitness Freak

IMAGE: PLAYFIT STRENGTH smart watch by PLAY. Photograph: Kind courtesy

Almost all dads take their fitness pretty seriously. So a cool budget wearable would be an ideal gift for him.

A smart watch would have almost same functions as the band, but comes with larger display, that makes it look like a conventional watch.

Look for a product with good battery life and health monitoring sensors.

The watch connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and records all data like steps taken, heart rate, oxygen level (SpO2) and blood pressure. (Do not compare the data taken from the wearables with the test done in LAB, the sensors might not be perfectly accurate but will give you approximate value. All the sensors might not be available in a single watch please go through the specifications before buying.)

It can also record information of sleep pattern, various sport activities and gives sedentary reminders.

You may consider these options:

Sensors: Heart rate monitor and blood oxygen monitor

Sensors: Heart rate monitor, pedometer, blood oxygen monitor and temperature monitor

Sensors: Heart rate monitor, pedometer and blood oxygen monitor

Sensors: Heart rate monitor, pedometer and blood oxygen monitor

Sensors: Heart rate monitor, pedometer, blood oxygen monitor and Bluetooth calling

Sensors: Heart rate monitor, pedometer, blood oxygen monitor and Bluetooth Calling

Sensors: Heart rate monitor, pedometer and blood oxygen monitor

For the Multi-Tasker

IMAGE: Bosch GSB 500W 500 RE Corded-Electric Drill Tool Set. Photograph: Kind courtesy

If your dad loves fixing things around the house, a toolkit/utility tools would be just perfect for him.

You can go for a tool box loaded with important tools like a screw driver, drill machine, wrench, hammer, pliers, knife and so on.

Check out these options:

The set includes an impact drill, claw hammer, pliers and knife, spirit level, wrench, drill bit for wood, steel and concrete, screws, wall plugs, screw driving bits and nut bits.

Contains wrench, pliers, LED flashlight, knife, measuring tape, claw hammer, tester, insulated tape, drill, hacksaw and ratchet screwdriver.

For the Travel Buff

IMAGE: Victorinox Swiss Army Knife - Huntsman. Photograph: Kind courtesy

Does your dad travel a lot?

Then a multipurpose utility pocket knife or a tactical survival kit would be a handy inclusion in his backpack.

The next time he treks to the hills or signs up for a forest trail, you know you've got him covered.

Some options to consider:

It comes with mini hammer, Pliers, Wire Cutter, Knife, Serrated Knife, Saw, File, Flathead Screwdrivers, Phillips Screwdrivers, Bottle/Can Opener.

This model features a Large Blade, Small Blade, Corkscrew, Can Opener, Small Screwdriver, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, Wire Stripper, Reamer, Punch, Key Ring, Tweezers, Toothpick, Scissors, Multipurpose Hook and Wood Saw.

This kit includes a Knife, Wire Saw, An Emergency Blanket, Fire Starter, Flashlight, Pen With Carbide Tip For Breaking Windows/Glasses, Credit Card Size Tool With Can Opener, Cap Opener, 4-position Wrench, Butterfly Screw Wrench, Direction Auxiliary Wrench, Screwdriver, Blade, Saw Blade and Ruler.

For the workaholic

IMAGE: Spigen Essential Pf2104 15W Max Wireless Charger. Photograph: Kind courtesy

When he has to handle so many responsibilities, dads can be forgetful at times.

A wireless charger, travel adapter, power inverter or a power bank would be the best thing to pack in his office bag. He can even dock it in his car and stay charged while on the go.

A few options to consider:

A smart and affordable wireless charger for compatible devices like smartphones, earbuds and smartwatches.

With this 3 IN 1 universal India to Europe adapter, you can connect up to 3 devices at same time. It has 2 USB ports, compatible in the USA, Australia, Europe, UK and Asia.

Features 18W fast charging and a triple port output

A 200W car power inverter with 4 USB ports and 2 AC outlets to charge laptops, camera and other electronic devices.

For the Futuristic

IMAGE: Echo Dot 4th Gen.Photograph: Kind courtesy

Think of the future and gift him a speaker with smart voice assistant that can play songs, read news, give weather forecast, cricket scores, control smart device at home, act as Bluetooth speaker.

Check out these options:

Google Nest Mini (2nd Gen) with Google Assistant: ₹2,499

A voice activated smart speaker by Google.

Echo Dot (4th Gen, 2020 release)' Smart speaker with Alexa (Black): ₹2,999

A smart speaker with Alexa voice assistant by Amazon.

A Tracker for Safety

IMAGE: Panasonic Seekit Loop SmartTracker. Photograph: Kind courtesy

Don't let your mom complain anymore.

Gift your dad a tracking device that won't let him miss a thing like wallet or keys or whatever you imagine.

Check out this one:

Panasonic Seekit Loop SmartTracker: ₹999

Insert, attach or place the Seekit device to any of your valuables and link it with the app on your Smartphone.

A tap on the button in the Seekit app will let you find the belonging with a ring and glow.

*Kindly note the image has been posted only for representational purposes.